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Cali pack your bags


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Can porn addiction ruin your life?

cause it sure did mine.

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Best Horror Series?

I'm gonna go with Nightmare on Elm Street series. Chucky was alright too. yours?

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Is College needed to be successful?

On some serious shit, do you need college to be successful? Do you guys know anyone that didn't go and is well off now?

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Howd you find out about Porn, Sex, Girls?

For me, WWF dvias. u? *_*

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Best Movie of 2009?

Im gonna go with The Hangover.

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My GF of 6 years says she Doesnt love me anymore.

What do i do? I feel lost..hurt. It's been 6 years. I see this girl every single day. I drive her to and from work. We've had great memories together. Outta nowhere, today she asks me do i love her. I say Yeah i do, do you? She answers with I don't know. You have no idea, when she said that my heart seriously hurt. When people tell me their heart hurts, i'd usually say wtf? Your heart hurts? but now i understand. She says that we've fallen into a "routine". Saying she usually just comes over to my place and we chill. After 6 years i don't understand what's wrong with that? Are we suppose to do something everyday? Am i suppose to plan something everytime i see her? She says she's willing to give me a chance. Do i even want this chance? This girl doesn't even love me anymore.. i'm confused. Definitely the hardest time in my life..She's a great girl and i don't think i can let her go. We've done about everything together. I don't know, i feel like if we do break up , everything i do will remind me of her. Being that this is hypebeast, i know that i'm gonna get immature responses.. but please. I really need advice right now

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Favorite Junk Food?

About to go buy some munchies, what should i get?

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I hate Quiet ass peoples

wtf is up wit quiet ass people. This is what happened on a car ride wit one of my friends. Me : So.. Friend : Silence. Me : Dude, why do you never talk? Friend : cuz im driving. The fuck?? you cant talk and drive now?! I use to have lunch in high school with this guy. You can only imagine the quiet ass walks to Chipotle..

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NBA 2k10

Anyone picking it up?

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Deleting screenname from google searches?!

How do you make it so people can't google search your screen name, and see what you've posted on forums etcetc.

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Sick Beatbox / Flute guy

Don't know if you guys seen this before.. but it's dope as hell. [URL]

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Karmaloop question.

Hey guys, I just ordered something from Karmaloop but they said it's been put on hold because of some payment verification problems. Do you guys know why this is? I ordered from Karmaloop before and this hasn't happened. They awnt me to take a picture of my credit card front and back and send it to them? I don't know if i feel safe doing that.. has this happened toany of you?

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What do/will you wear once 21+?

Would you still be rockin colorful graphic tshirts wit a fitted and nice kicks or would you get your grown on.

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