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i moved out of my parents house vol: i'm still rich

fuck it, i want my own pickup thread

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HB Book Club vol. my fakkit parents prob got me a kindle for christmas

let's read some books breh's. i wasted $20 on that game of thrones collection, shit takes forever to get into and i already know what happens for most part up to book 3 cause of the show. what do you guys think of picking a book once a month or so for us to read? i.e. flowers for algernon, fight club, etc. idk shit i'm bored

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Should I buy a PS4?

I've been wanting to make the next-gen console jump but I'm not sure if I should hold off until Black Friday in case a good deal comes around. There's really no rush on my end to play any next-gen games since I still have a PS3 to keep me entertained for a little bit, but the graphics on the sports games (which is what I play the most) are tempting me to drop the bills sooner rather than later. Should I buy a PS4 now or wait?

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Nike AW77 Alumni Shorts - Sizing Question

Has anyone bought a pair of the alumni shorts from Nike? http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/aw77-alumni-shorts/pid-947136/pgid-971648 I'm wondering how I should size on them. Sometimes, Nike apparel fits large and sometimes it fits small. I wear a size S in their sweats so that's what I'm guessing I should buy?

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[FS] RRL & APC Denim (Size 30)

[b]RRL Denim - Slim Boot Cut - "Blue Hill Wash" - Tagged "30 x 34", but inseam was hemmed to a 32"[/b] Price: $120 SHIPPED [URL] [i]*Click the links for the actual pictures of the jeans, I apologize for the bad lighting in my room!*[/i]

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[WTB] Royal 1's Size 8

I swear... I would do borderline questionable homo shit for a pair... Please PM me if you or anyone else you know is selling a pair VNDS or DS... Thanks! Here's a picture of a unicorn: [Image]

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[FS] Brand New Nike Flyknit Trainers (Blk/Gry and Wht/Blk) - Size 7.5

[Image] Looking for $175 including S&H for each, or $300 for both. Message me if you're interested. These are a little too tight on me.

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[FS] RRL Slim Boot Cut Selvedge Denim - Blue Hill Wash (30 x 32)

Looking for $150 shipped. Barely used. Tagged 30x34 but hemmed to about a 32. Waist measures out to a 31". (So really feels like a 31x32). Manufacturer's retail price for these was $300. I can provide exact measurements and pictures upon request.

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