hype cog

if you are gonna make cupcakes or bake

dont make it out of the box

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heroes of newerth

leg been broken so i play a lot but its gettin boring alone anyone play? add me up: CHOLOYOLO

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SUITS? Indochino

I'm looking to buy a suit for some special occasions, weddings etc.. Currently liking the charcoal 3 piece essential from www.indochino.com, not sure if its worth it because I don't know much about suits or the company. HB weigh in 4 me? I would like to avoid buying OTR

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ID on these vans?

[Image] the ones on the left thx a lot

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penfield jackets/ stuff across border(USA)

how much are things usually marked up from the website in stores in toronto? if they came from and were made in USA.. aka penfield.

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Circumcision, worked for me.

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Watch on one hand.. what on the other?

Just wondering what you guys wear on the opposite hand or anything at all? My right wrist feels kind of naked if I don't have anything on it.

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