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court force lo's...

...are quickly becoming my favorite lowtops. the gimme 5 shits on the front page sealed the deal. enough with the dunk collabs already, bring me more court force lows!

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online purchasing etiquette

i was bored having this discussion with a friend of mine just now, but i also wanted to see my fellow beasters thought. this applies to big online retailers too, but i am focusing more on ebay/nt/iss/independent type shit. here are a few of our questions. i'll give my answers later. 1. is a tracking number REQUIRED? if so, should it always be given to you? i've dealt with several people who said they had delivery confirmation, but kept the number to themselves. 2. after you've paid for your item, do you send an email asking when the item will be shipped (if it's not explicitly specified), or do you just wait for it? 3. adding onto #2, if some shit is taking too long how often do you inquire about it? everyday, every other day, every week, etc? 4. after you get your shit do you let the seller know you got it? 5. if you are selling on ebay do you leave a feedback after the buyer pays, or do you leave it after the buyer leaves their feedback first? 6. paypal fees? do you make the buyer eat that cost? add more if you got any

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kiwi air force one

Can somebody please tell me some places that they are still available online, besides eBay preferrably? Vintagekicks doesn't have my size (10-11), and at Nort it's gonna be like $200 shipped to the US. I'll deal with Nort or eBay if I absolutely must, but I wanted to ask around first. Are there anymore places?

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does it matter?

this thread was inspired by this post in the "TRIUMVIR².. tsk tsk tsk.." thread: [Quote] how much does brand owner's "coolness" affect how well the brand performs? or is it ONLY about the clothes?

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quality plain white tees

[Image] where can i get some good quality plain white tees like this? i need something that fits well (not emo style but not xxxl tall tees either) and is heavier than the footlocker joints. edit: i just realized that ye's tee isn't a plain white one, but i'm looking for something along those lines.

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