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[FS] - Triumvir / Dissizit / 10 Deep / Methods NYC / Stussy / MASH (XL)

[Quote] fit pic on the apc's? height weight?

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Desperately searching for these shoes!

here they are if you are even around here any more lol I guess if someone else is interested they are pretty sick [URL]

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Celebs Rockin Heat! / What are they wearing?

anyone know what black shoes lil wayne had on during his first performance at the vmas my roommate said they looked good but didnt know what kind they were

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Offical Coupon Code Thread

[Quote] me either and its a code being given out by multiple coupon sites. No idea whats going on

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Do You Eat Pussy?

[Quote] lol when the river runs red homie jump in the mud

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can anyone tell me what the difference in sleeve length is between large and xl in stussy

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Stussy Deluxe Collection

anyone looking for the king of the jungle tee in violet? [Image]

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Feedback: hypism.

Had a good experience with Hypism. When I had questions, they were answered almost immediately. He shipped fast, it was packaged well, and the item was in the exact quality as described. I would definitely buy from him again.

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[WTB] Playstation II

my roommates brother wants to sell his idk what all comes with it but maybe he would get rid of it for cheap ill have it in point on sunday so ill get to see whats all in it then

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Minnesota bridge COLLAPSES!!!

pretty sure they JUST fixed it tho i was in sota last weekend won a couple hundred bills at the sino

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Chicago/Milwaukee/All Surrounding areas

I know this is an old thread but I was just browsin around and found this. I actually went to this, I live in wausau where this is about 5 minutes away and they didnt have shit really. Past years you could cop hella vintage heat for 30 or less but they dumbed it down a ton this year. They pretty much had garbage. Usually they have 5-6 10 foot tables just layered with shoes but this year they didnt even add to their collection of maybe 50 pairs per size. Complete crap I was so pumped because I just started gettin into the whole scene here and i wanted to cop some kicks and it was trash so dont feel like you missed out. oh and im at uwsp for school lango if thats where you go. I'm assuming so from your info

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[Quote] Those are Raygun- Aways aka Awayguns

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