Official Debate/Discussion THREAD/ VOL: Sex

[b]The Rules are simple:[/b] No name calling.  No ad hominem. Keep it civil. [b]The Subject:  Does a person have the right to decide whether or not they want to be with someone based on their sexual past?[/b] I believe that sex is a choice.  A person's life choices say a lot about who they are as a person.  I believe you can make your decision off of a character assessment.  So sexual history can be a valid reason to reject a relationship.  Because on some real, if some chick domed up some mentally ill homeless dude just to prove a feminist point about slut shaming, more power to her, but I would not give her the time of day.  Everyone is free to chime in.

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Slow day at work AMA

Holler at the kid.  I'm listening to Slime Season and turning up at work.  I'm feeling talkative.   Ask me anything.  Can't guarantee I'll answer everything, but I'll try to make it entertaining.

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No name accounts are getting deleted

Simple. Doesn't matter if you post the cure for aids.  If you make account with no name, you're getting deleted.

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Secret Content

If you were forced to only use one lens for the rest of your life...

Which would you use and why? What do you think is the most versatile lens?

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Do skinny dudes prefer skinny chicks?

So, I peeped the image below on highsnob.  Undoubtedly, the females are very attractive.   But they don't exactly do it for me because they're so bony.  It's like I know they're gorgeous. And visually they're beautiful. I like to look at them. But my pipi don't really get nothing from it. I prever bigger hips, thicker thighs, bigger ass.  The smaller breasts are passable as long as they have the aforementioned, but I do love me some milky handfulls+. But, I've always been a bigger than average dude. Even at the lightest I've ever been, I've always been bigger and more muscular than the average guy.   So, considering that the majority of this board is frailboys that are like 170lbs and below,  I'm wondering if skinny guys prefer bony girls like this, or if it comes down to preference and has little to do with size.  I have my theories. I'll wait on the votes to determine.   [Image] Also, post if you're sub 170lbs, plus 170lbs, and which you voted for. PS: if you're liek 5'6' and below 170, but you're cock diez (no homeless), than consider yourself over 170.  I'm talking fram vs frame.

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Who wants to be a millionaire?

I see a lot of y'all  talking about how you're going to be millionaires by 25-30.  I'm curious to know your plans.  How are you going to get there?  Are you grinding every day? Do you have an invention?  An investment?  A career plan?

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For those who care about Biggavel Free max b.

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Where is Playboy Stino?

Where is Playboy Stino?

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Y'all ready for that next wave?

[Image] Son.   It's bound to happen.  Cam couldn't get capes to take off (yet), but keep an eye out for this to take off.  Keep a lookout in KTT.   How many of y'all ready to move onto crop tops?

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Your girl plays games? Here's some rules to the game.

So, I message dudes in my PM giving relationship advice and I notice a common trend.....girls play games. Sometimes intentionally. Sometimes just out of instinct.  Some women just wanna see you hurt. Some like the power. Some are living stressful lives and take it out on their boyfriends without realizing it.   But here's the thing about games; you're gonna lose if you don't know the rules.  That's why, when you hit a new court, you ask up front, are we going full court?  21?  Are 3's counted as 3 or two?  Otherwise you're gonna make stupid mistakes that cost you the game.   I wanna help you young dudes out.  Cuz either you get taken advantage of throughout the life of your relationship until she dumps your weak ass, or you learn how to play the game and score some points of your own.  Rule 1: recognize when the ball is in play.  Women will put the ball in play at random.  Recognize the game. Example: she's suddenly mad at you for no reason whatsoever.  Game on.  Get your game face on and play. Otherwise, you're going to get played. Rule 2: the 3 strike rule.  "Hey, you seem upset. You ok?"  Yes.  Strike one.  "You sure?"  Yes. Strike 2.  "Ok, well if there is anything that's bothering you, either tell me what it is right now, tell me we can talk later, or never ever bring it up again."   I'm fine.  Strike 3.   And move on with your life. That's a great game killer. Don't be fooled though. The first few times you utilize this, they will test your resolve by trying to bring it back up.  You gotta reject that. Goal tend if you have to. But stuff that shot and let her know, nah, that game ended and we're not starting that game back up.   Rule 3: whatever negative vibe she's giving you, respond with 3 options:  a. give it right back to her so she realizes she's being shitty. Sometimes that's all they need to realize that their behavior is not cool and they will get hit right back for it.  b. respond with the total opposite emotion.  This will make her feel stupid for intentionally being shitty while you're in a great mood. It also shows her that you will not allow her to bring down your mood simply because she is in the mood to be in a bad mood. Also, positivity is contagious.  Maybe she has all the right to be in a bad mood. But if you stay in high spirits, you may just bring her up as well.  Basically, don't allow her moods to affect yours. Always be in control of your moods. And let her know that she is NOT in control of your moods. c. silent treatment. This one is powerful but difficult.  It requires you to force a strong confrontation.  Your woman needs to be aware that without her you have a great life and could go right back to that happy stress free life at the drop of a hat.  Therefore, she can either be part of the good in your life and contribute, or she'll fall into the bad and eventually get cut off.  "Why are you ignoring me?"  "Because I was having a great day, and you've been so moody lately, I didn't wanna bring my day down by talking to you."  Be prepared for the waves of guilt trips, but stand firm. She'll have to face facts. Either she stops that BS, or she gets broken up with.  And here's the trick. Women like to be the dumper, not the dumpee.  So with the threat of getting dumped, she will likely correct her behavior to avoid getting dumped. Cuz I mean, even if she says it's over,  you both know damn well that you were the one who dumped her from the moment you started ignoring her.  So yeah, you can do things the easy way and end up in a cycle of endless guilt tripping, or you can stand up for yourself.  The game is not fun.  But at your age, women are still in the habit of playing them.  So, you can either get played, or you can 360 slam dunk in her face and let her know you're the wrong person to play against.   Hope this helps some of y'all. By the way, this is relationship advice, not bag and tag advice.

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Musical Career Advice

A lotta guys come on here and post their soundcloud and their music video recorded on their iphone and their website which is just their tumblr and expect to get recognition.  You wonder why nobody is digging your music or just flat out hates on you.  I'm making this post to help you out.  Take 5 or 10 minutes and get some perspective.  Now, I'm no expert on the music industry. But I've been a student of the game for a long time.  Hell, I've even gone on a bit of a mini tour when I was younger so I'd like to think I know a little bit.  Sadly, most of what I know is based on mistakes. The same mistake that a lot of you guys are making. So check it: Hip hop is the most image based that it's ever been.  If your image ain't right, no one's gonna give you a shot.  Plus, the day of the every-man is gone.  The odds of a modern day Nas blowing up is unlikely.  Danny Brown is actually very down to earth, but it wasn't until he got that weird haircut and started dressing funky that he started to get a name. People don't really care much for relatable characters anymore. They want larger than life, ridiculous, obnoxious, even scary.  They don't wanna listen to Ron from down the block who's still broke to remind them that they're broke. Hip hop is escapism for most part. Ultimately, my point is that most dudes spamming the music forum don't have a strong image. You don't have a presence. You don't have a niche or a movement.  You still seem like the same 100 dudes who wanna rap that you went to high school with.  Some might even be skillful. You just lack the charisma to attract your attention.   Here's some tips: Look professional.  Don't just have a soundclick. Have an actual website. Hostbaby will give you a template based music page for like $10 a month. Don't make your tumblr your main site.  You'll blend into the background noise. Don't make music videos with your iphone unless that's like part of your image to intentionally look broke and ridiculous.  Otherwise, put out an ad in your local college and look for a student itching to use his camera to get some experience.  I'm offering advice for how to do it on the cheap. But if you got the dough, pay someone to make a legit video. Someone who really knows how to use a camera and knows how to edit.  Record in a legit studio and at the least get someone to mix it down properly. [b]Don't twitter spam people or youtube spam[/b].  Word of mouth is powerful.  Get fans, get em to follow you on twitter, respond to the fans. They'll want to spread the word.  Again, just throwing out ideas. Be likeable. Don't be annoying. Use proper marketing.  [b]Have a solid image[/b]. ASAP blew up because they had a strong image.  Trinidad James had a strong image. Action Bronson had a strong presence/image. Tyler and Wolf Gang had a strong image.  Problem with 90% of y'all is that your image is simply an imitation of someone else who's already famous.  We don't need another Kanye or Drake. We don't need another Rocky, we don't need another Lupe.  [b]Be unique[/b].  If you sound, dress, look, act, talk, wanna be like someone else, your best will still only be an imitation of someone else who's already established themselves as better. Be the best YOU.  And if the best you is just a trend hopping imitation, quit the game and make it a hobby.  Like I said, the world doesn't need more copies of artists that already exist.  [b]Have other people promo you[/b]. Doing your own promo only makes you look like the next bum ass dude hawkin his blank CD at the gas station. And when they promo you, make sure they know what they're doing.  You come on strong and keep an aura of mystery a la ASAP mob, or just flood the market with a ton of material like Lil B.  In the first scenario, you'll have people waiting for more.  In the second scenario, there's enough material for people to really get a feel for everything you do and they can pretty much play your music all day (you want that).   [b]Have a proper plan of attack and execute[/b]. Don't just make music and say, yo peep this everyone! SPAM SPAM SPAM!!!  Have a means to really make people draw the connection between you and the music. That's very important. When people hear your music, they should know who it is.  Plan it out.  For example, "first I'm a make like 4 tracks. It's gonna be all party music. Just reckless youth music.  So then I'm a release a quick teaser video with clips of the random house parties we go to. Then I'm a drop the full length music video. Then I'm a drop the EP for free. Six full tracks. Then I'm a start booking shows."  You can do it your own way. I'm just saying this as an example. You can do it your own way. Just make sure you have a plan. The days of the rapper simply making music and having people like/dislike it are over. You either have to have a team or you gotta be your own team and handle your own everything.  If you're disorganized you will always fizzle out and remain a soundclick musician.  By the way, I'm not mentioning rappers based on my like for them.  I'm not a huge fan of any of the guys I mentioned, but I respect the hell out of their marketing.  They built a great plan of attack and made it happen.   Imitate success. Don't imitate who they are, but imitate what they've done.   I hope this helps.

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HB with your thumbs....?

So, I been brainstorming on some ideas on making HB more poster friendly.  But I can't just do what I want. That would be unfair to everyone.  I want to know what will make posters happy to post on here. Not just browse for 2 seconds, get turned off by the trash, then leave.  Maybe bring some fresh blood. Maybe bring back some old posters.Maybe even get some ladies involved (I'm serious).  But I'm trying to see if we can't clean a couple minor things up. While I have some things in mind, I wanted to bring something to a vote.  To get rid of the trash and increase the quality, I'm thinking of employing a vote system. I know we all enjoy humor of different kinds, but we don't enjoy spam, we don't enjoy crap threads. We don't enjoy bad jokes, clutter, and sub par trolling that lacks creativity.   So, I'm thinking, maybe we can put everything up to a vote.  Which threads live. And which threads die.  The pro would be that it could force people to post better quality threads.  The con would be that dudes could just team up and downvote everything.  So, what do you guys think?  Thumbs up if we should vote on threads. Thumbs down if you think it's a dumb idea. Ultimately, I'm not going to be able to enforce this vote. But I can bring it to Drew and see if it might work.

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What is an alpha male?

What characteristics define an alpha male in your opinion? I'm thinking everyone has different ideas of what makes an alpha male.  I'd like to see everyone's opinion.

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic (Your real presidential choice) Yo, take that quiz and find out who you really wanna vote for. People acting like there's only two choices. Meanwhile they most likely side with a candidate they never heard of. Your vote does count. Apparently, I side most with Gary Johnson.

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