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The finale was mega sloppy. Anyone else pissed off that we got absolutely no closure at all for the other characters like Quinn & Batista? Ending was mega fake and unoriginal as well, sad end to a show that started off so well

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FS: Supreme x Champion Hooded Coaches Medium Navy, Purple Painted Camo Camp

Is the Supreme x Champion jacket still available?

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[FS] Supreme 8 ball coach jacket medium

yo is this still available?

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[WTB] Size M Jackets

Looking for some jackets when I go back to college, live in the UK but will pay for shipping & no rape prices please. I'd prefer some coach jackets, but I'm open to most styles - Kind regards  doms

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[WTB: LONDON Snapback]

Hey i've been searching loads to try and find a black or navy snap back such as  [URL] , any help in providing the hat or link is greatly appreciated  - doms

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Post Hypebeast Picture at There Prime. VOL SAC BEEFIN

[Quote]Yo Lavezzi those guys chill right down my road LOL

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Life/career help... Please?

yo if your truly passionate then 100% go for it. I myself wanna go into acting & have been told I've been good enough, yet I've still prepared a back-up just in case. I believe if you have the talent & passion then you will succeed, but sometimes lifes a bitch and things just don't go your way.  I say do what you love, but just make sure you've got something to fall back on, and good luck!

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Rave with a Down Bitch?

yo the raves in UK, just expect alot of sweat & pushing lol

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[FS] Supreme Mini Box Logo Crewneck, HUF Camo Hoodie

How much for the HUF hoodie with shipping to the uk?

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PM'd you just now

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[FS] MORE REDUCTIONS - Bape, Supreme, Louis Vuitton, Margiela, Blvck Scvle, Ice Cream, Givenchy Zara

How much for the burgundy box logo?

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