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Cutting off a family member/sibling.. Ever had to?

Now, you don't have to type your whole story if you don't want to. But have you ever came to the point due to a: fight or fights, narcissism, some form of abuse, being taken advantage of, disrespect etc., that you figured it was best to cut ties (keeping them at arms length) with a family member and go your own way? How have you been feeling or living since then?

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Which cartoons you watched (and/or miss)

Let's face it: many, not ALL, of the current toons on TV suck! New isn't always best. So which one's did you watch, or miss. (Drop cartoon intro's if you wish). Personally, cartoon shows of the 80's/90's & some 00's were the best. Ya'll still know this one?: [Embed content] Only had one season..=/

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