Ender's Game

[Embed content] Anyone else really excited about this movie? I really hope they don't ruin the story, but so far it doesn't look too bad.

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Qurious - Another Language (my first music video)

Hey friends, We just released our first official music video (first video made from original footage at least). I know everyone is probably sick of self promotion on this site, but hopefully you guys enjoy it. [URL] this is my first time directing/editing a video as well blushing

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Agent Crime - There's A Clam In My Ass

[URL] smokeyface

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Qurious - Planet Plant

Hey HB... so for some reason I never posted this album when we finished it, but this is some shit we finished recording around August of last year. Take note that this isn't hip hop so maybe it will be a fresh change of style for everyone's ears. If you like beats, ambiance, and female vocals then give this shit a listen smokeyface [Image] [URL] Enjoy!

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The Come-Up - In Good Hands

[Image] "After years of working closely together crafting Hip-Hop that can only be found in Pittsburgh Franchise and Vinny Radio have created their first collaborative EP produced entirely by producer and engineer Big Jerm entitled In Good Hands. The project is put together in a way that showcases Jerm's production featuring instrumental interludes throughout. All this combined with Fran and Vinny's new yet classic wordplay creates a magical combination." [URL] this album is seriously incredible. Just click the link up there and stream it if you're lazy. smokeyface

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The 58s

It's about time The 58s started getting some attention around here smokeyface Vinny is one of our own too [URL]

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Djarum - We Are... (Dracula Video)

Sup. I know you guys go hard with the critiques, so I was hoping some of you could take a second and check out this video I just put together for one of my beats. I edited together footage from an old Dracula film... let me know what y'all think. [URL] Cool, thanks!

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Pharoahe Monch - Clap (One Day) Extended Music Video

[URL] One of the best music videos I've seen. Pharoahe seriously deserves some more attention.

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Djarum - Work It Out

[Image] [COLOR="Gray"]http://www.flickr.com/photos/oliviamariep/[/COLOR] DOWNLOAD LINK: [URL] sup fellas i just finished this short 20 min. beat tape. i may have posted some of my older stuff on here under the name Street Radio, but i'm not sure. anyway... if anyone likes beats check this shit out. got a feature by the legendary Vinny Radio as well smokeyface

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