Going to Paris

Don't forget Citadium, Pigalle Store

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What shoes do you wear for work?

A black pair of vans era ! Very confortable !

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[Original Fake] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

OriginalFake takes a more sophisticated way. Streetwear is definitely going much luxury ! I always liked this

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Hypebeast Institute of Pornography

Wow a lot of one ! Tera Patrick Shay Laren Asia Carrera Wifey ....

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Your favorite KAWS's character

Yes the dissected companion is great. And the details on the toy are crazy !

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What is the most comfortable shoe out there?

I think that the Yeezy's are not bad !

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Traditional Art (General fine arts)

The skull is just amazing ! Loving the colour !

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Your favorite KAWS's character

Ok, we are agree to say that the KAWSTweety is not the best KAWS's character ever made. But I think the old ones are great. Actually I am in love with the Accomplice. I love the shape, look at Companion trapped in a ridiculous costume. And you, what's your ?

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japanese blogs

This is not bad. But very focused on Soph and Visvim ...

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Hottest girls

hottest women are in France dude ;)

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Is street wear dying?

I think it going to be more sophisticated and more technical. A lot of Japanese Labels carry about the quality and the details. I think this is the way that street wear will takes ...

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Paris trip

Go to Colette, Starcow, Galerie 66, Blackrainbow, Pigalle Shop And don't forget to visit the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin. A KAWS show is currently running !

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european supreme webshop

Look at hideoutstore.com or blackrainbow-shop.com Or if you have a lot of many you have Cliff Edge (but overpriced)

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[Supreme] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

The Leo' Jacket is pretty good. I mean it remember the coach jacket. Very casual but the collar give it a great look

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OriginalFake Fluo Accomplice (White or Black - Size 2 or 3)

Hi, I am new so if I did a mistake sorry for that. I am looking for a Limited Tee which was just released. It's an web exclusivity for Japan so I couldn't buy it. I am talking about the OriginalFake Fluo Accomplice and the OriginalFake Fluo KAWS. store.original-fake.com/upload/save_image/09021805_4c7f68dff1dea.jpg store.original-fake.com/upload/save_image/09021759_4c7f677fa3f07.jpg No matter the color or the model, but I prefere the white Accomplice one. I just want a size 2 or 3. Please help me to find it. If you own one just contact me by mail at disqua[at]gmail.com I am sure we can deal together. Thanks by advance.

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