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<img src="http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_meleofcLxp1qjv3j7o1_500.png" alt="><br><br>rejoice my brother and sisters. our savior is here. its time to go back to custom profiles, top friend beefs and the glorious 'Na$tYBiTCH420' screen names. <br><br>who else got a invite and what are your thoughts. <br>

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bad pair of tits

on one of my deliveries (im a pizzaboy) today an old lady dropped a penny while paying me and when she bent down to pick it up her titties popped out. it was the worst thing ive seen in my life. it looked like she had a bigass wrinkly ballsack hanging from her chest. they were like Ms. Choksondik type of titties. and before she stood back up i tried to play it off by turning towards the street and pretended to wave at someone. the image of her old, saggy, and wrinkly tits will haunt me forever. ive just been looking up every hot ass model/celeb i can think of ever since i got home get rid of the image. this lady changed my mind about marrying a girl tho. i dont want my bitch to have saggy ballsack lookin tits. ima try and live that hugh hefner life style. anybody have any crazy shit like this happen to them on the job?

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post your favorite childhood movies, cartoons or wateva [Image] i remember watching this but i dont remember if it was badass or not. can someone help out with a link to the full movie. cant find it anywhere.

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