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original fake

anyone knows where I can find stores that sell original fake in NYC? thanks.

2 Weeks ago in United States

Seven jeans

Well a year ago I went to macy*s in NYC and they had a department for seven jeans. They had them for 80 bucks. Bought a pair, and ever since I loved them. After that day they took the department away and I've been searching ever since. I go online, but I see them for around 120+, so for a while I thought my pair must be fake or something. One day I went to a store and found them for the same price, 80 bucks, bought myself another pair and loved it. Basically my question is, how much do seven jeans run for? Are my pairs fake? I'll take pictures later. Reason why I ask is because I went to the same mom and pop store and found some more seven jeans, for 80 bucks, comes with the tag and all, and they honestly look authentic and stuff. Any help appreciated. thanks.

2 Weeks ago in Denim