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New Artist DINO - : Great Ape Ep

yeaa so this is my ep nigglets its 6 songs obviously, mostly chuck inglish, madvillian, and mf doom beats. listen to it, share it, hate it, love it, download it whatever, just make sure you bump this in your car in not some weak ass lap top speakers nah mean? Piece[Image] http://soundcloud.com/blairdyno/sets/great-ape-ep/

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New artist DINO - - old model

Check out my new music nigglets and give some feedback if you want [URL]

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Summer Jam

Any of you on this forum attending this shit? It should be good but rain is in the forecast which is fuckin lameeee

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Coogi Sweaters

I am the only one wishing that these shits would come back in style? Everybody seems to wear gold like were in the fucking 80s but what we need to be doing is wearing coogi sweaters eating pudding pops

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New artist DINOhyphen

Hey hypebeasts, Listen to A track i recorded off my macbook so its sounds kinda shitty yea its just a song about kanye, pregnant ex girlfriends, and spiked drinks so give it a listen bitches [URL]

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