Going on a road trip through the southeast...

i'm planning a little roadtrip for myself to get out of ohio for a little bit, and of course i want to do some shopping as there isn't a ton around here. planning a trek down through virginia, stopping in charlotte, then savannah, jacksonville, orlando, then back through atlanta up to ohio. anyone know of any cool shops in any of these cities or a short distance from the route? i'm not a big sneakerhead or anything, more looking for some apparel shops and stuff. and if any of y'all have any little hip spots or tips on things to do in any of these cities that'd be cool too. all help is appreciated.

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Official Hardcore Punk/Metal thread

About to head to Scion Rock Fest in a few hours, can't wait. Landmine Marathon, Trap Them, and Ludicra are waiting for me.

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Final Fantasy XIII

is this one a little more accessible and easy to pick up than the other ones? i'm not too big on rpgs...

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