New FRESHJIVE LINE (not the c.r.e.a.m. series)

[Quote] yeah, some of it is actually. i picked up the brown [B]letterman[/B] hoody last spring. and the [B]rain camo[/B] has been out since a/w of last year, if i remember correctly. dying for the rain camo, and the gangster hoody. the quality on freshjive sweaters is top notch. the letterman hoody is so heavy it might as well be called a jacket. anyone got the letterman in a M (trade me for a large? ;))

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Official Pick Up Post

nice Suntori! that reminds me, i either lost or someone punked my Sofa King Awsome shirt!! :stoneface: where'd you pickup the FA, direct from their site?

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but please, be sure they are fakes before you go calling anyone out. post pics.

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Limited UP/New Era fitted

new sam flores is dope! ive got the jeremy fish one, sick hat, new era sizing is off like usual though :thumbsdown:

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guess this artist

im actually not 100% sure, but im going to say Shepard Fairey just because of Andre, its not his usual style though.

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Is it me?

not me

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