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eBay help, please

K so the story goes as this; I bought a jacket off a reputable power seller on eBay, few days later the seller becomes "no longer registered". I ask them how this will impact my purchase and they said they cannot ship due to the suspension of their account. I opened up a paypal dispute and asked them to refund to get this over with but below is the message I get. Being suspended on eBay doesn't impact whether you can make refunds via paypal disputes, am I right? Hello   We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience cause. We want to help you to solve that problem, but we cannot do anything now in E-bay.     Our eBay account has been suspended, and we have no control whatsoever to change or cancel the order for you.   Please do tell the eBay that you want to cancel this order for we really cannot do much as of now.   Sorry again for the inconvenience caused,   Thanks in advance HB EDIT: I tried canceling the order but it just lead me to contact the seller to cancel, but they cant even since they're suspended.

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Has anyone bought from here? Looking to buy a T and wondering if they charge any mad custom fees

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Supreme D.G.A.F. 1994 Grey Box Logo Fitted

Looking for this in size 1/2

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Today's Sportswear

Whose been there? I know of the kennedy and pmall location but im unsure about the authenticity of their stuff...do they have wolf greys? also heard they sold grapes for 100 lmao...probably the fusions tho

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