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I got suspended from school today for smoking

[Image] I was smoking with these 2 girls and we came in and my dean asked me why I was late. My high ass said i had an orthodontist appointment and she knew i was bullshittin and put me and 1 of the chicks in a different office. We smelled like weed it was preety obvious The ASSt Principal called my mom and had her on speaker and before he could get a word out I said "MOM I GOT CAUGHT SMOKING BEFORE SCHOOL!". I figured if anyone was gonna tell my mom first it was gonna be me. So I got sent home and on the sign out sheet for "Reason" I wrote "High" and dipped. 3 day suspension

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Girl Problems

I'm tired of tall light skinned dudes snatching up every girl I like.. There's this new girl at my school I've been tryna talk to and I usually just say "Hi" to her and shit but I don't know what else to really say without being awkward (Something I'm really good at)

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New Beat!

[URL] I made this beat a couple of days ago, It's sorta just a loop of a cool sample I heard. It's not too special but I just wanted to see if you guys fuck with it.

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