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{WTB} Nike Max LeBron XI 11 Low CH - Painted Porcelain, US 8-9

Can't see any info that these won't be a china only release. Looking for someone to hook me up in a US 8-9. Paypal ready. http://hypebeast.com/2014/7/nike-lebron-11-max-low-ch-pack

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Nike LeBron 11 Max Low CH Pack Blue/White

Is there any more release info on the  Lebron China pack release date and where available? http://hypebeast.com/2014/7/nike-lebron-11-max-low-ch-pack

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[FS] 2014 APC x KANYE !

For sale, APC x Kanye 2014 camo tee shirt. Never Worn, BNWT, Size M (fits like an L).  SOLD!!!! [Image]

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[FS] Supreme Dipset Tee, Neighborhood BAPE and BBC, classic first releases

WTS  BBC Season 1 Diamonds & Dollars hoodie, size M, 9/10 200 usd shipped worldwide 1st Release BAPE White Camo Swarovski hoodie, size M, 9/10, 200  usd shipped worldwide  GET BOTH FOR $300 SHIPPED [Image]

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Addidas Adicolor R3 Dark Horse Tracksuit top

I got this months ago at the start of the summer, anyone remember it? i cant be bothered posting pics, but here is a link to it. [URL] anyway, as you can see, the inside of the tracksuit is pretty elaborate and its actually what caught my eye to buy the item, but the other night on wildn out, nick cannon had the jacket on inside out with the comic design showing. there is a very small size label on the inside which is hidden by the collar when inside out and there is no stitching visible, so i always did wonder if it could be worn like that, but always figured it was a bit cheesy anyway. so what do you all know/think about this zip up: A) Yep, its reversible. B) Nope, Nick Cannon is just a moron. C) Both (A) and (B), its reversible, but Cannon is still a moron.

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gonna post these with credit before Privacy's does without credit. Pics from Skateboard_P over at bbc.co.uk forum, props to him for a nice pick up! [Image]

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