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McGangBang vs Double Down

McGangBang [Image] 540 calories. ~$5 pick your poison.

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Street bikes

Only fitting to post in the car thread right? What do you guys think: Badass or crotch rockets? I'm definitely starting to get into them more and have no idea where to start. Looking to pick up a Ninja 250 soon. Any other good starter bikes?

2 Weeks ago in Automotive

Fast and Furious 4

Gonna be released soon. [URL] Looks...Idno, not as good as the others.

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

City safety

[URL] Well, honestly, I think this is dope, its a good idea and it'll improve safety all around; but does anyone else think that we're getting closer to that iRobot status? where cars can drive themselves? hahaha

2 Weeks ago in Automotive

Civic Si or Scion tC

There's alot of talk comparing these two cars, so as a public opinion poll what do you guys think? Scion tC or Civic Si? There's a price difference, so there's the whole stock versus tuned argument as well. Thoughts? Opinions? Concerns? Fears?

2 Weeks ago in Automotive