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[WTB] - Rogue Status Gunshow (M-L)

Looking for this shit in the yellow/blue or white/purple colorway. Let me know if you have it. Thanks!

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[FS] - Vans x Supreme Ari Era's (8)


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[WTB] - Alife Collectibles

Looking for stuff like zippos, mugs, etc. Let me know what you have. Thanks!

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(Vancouver Heads).. What happened to Bud Club?

Yeah, Bud Club, the place on Powell, beside Goodfoot. The place you could get about 15 different kinds of buds, ranging from $10/g - $30/g... I remember towards the end of summer, dude who worked there told me they would be moving to Water Street pretty soon. Does anyone know where it is, and what the password to get in is? I've been so out of the loop. Also, does anyone know if they got raided? My homie told me undercovers walked in there and shut down the operation, but I don't really beleive him cus he's hella naive. Anyone know whats up?

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Anyone going to the Clipse show tonight?

I just found out like an hour ago that the Clipse are coming to Spectrum tonight. Went to the box office to pick up my tickets and the lady said they had a TON left. Anyone else hear about this show? Anyone else going?

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Things that are wrong with Montreal

Just some observations... 1) Off The Hook. They have an Alife account.. whoop dee fucking doo. They charge $60 bones for a t-shirt when they retail at Alife Vancouver for $45 and they ship. I'm not sure why Alife decided to give them a clothing account considering how stingy they are with them, but you know something is wrong when you can buy an Alife t-shirt next to some LRG jeans. This store is like a streetwear shop that failed, or a skate shop that is having an identity crisis. Shit man, Influence U sells nicer sneakers than this shop. 2) Goodfoot. I'm a Livestock guy myself, but I don't discriminate so I have no beef with Goodfoot, but I have beef with Goodfoot Montreal being a complete afterthought compared to the other Goodfoot's. I remember when I used to cop SB's from them, they'd get maybe 5 or 6 sizes - the pairs that didn't sell in Toronto the weekend they came out. Lame. The Goodfoot brand has a lot of cachet in Canada and it's a shame they wasted their resources on such a small shop. Speaking of cachet, I see a lot of toys running around with their Goodfoot fitteds thinkin' they got a pass cus they reppin the spot but you look at their feet and they got some Dunks straight outta Athletes World. This brings me to point 3... 3) The people. This doesn't mean everyone. This is a cool city and there's a lot of cool people in it, but people that are apart of this little sneaker community could not be more lame. It's either Dunks or die with these kids. It's like the SB trend just hit these kids. I been to some of these sneaker nights at Mile End and whatever and I just shake my head every time. I did see a girl rockin' a Rogue Status beater there once that kinda made me blinkyeyes But whatever. At least people are wearing SB's than white Lacoste's with their bootcut 7 for all Mankind's or Rock & Republic's. Now onto our saving graces.. 1) The women. No explanation needed. 2) Underworld. I'm kinda mad that I had to pay these guys $200 for my Diamonds when they came out, but I quickly forgot about that when I sold em for $500 last month. One of three Vans Syndicate accounts in Canada.. how can you hate? 3) Simons. Here's a hint.. they sell Maharishi, and sometimes it's really cheap.

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