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Rocking fakes

i hate it when i see someone wearing a fake pair of dooms. specially when im wearing mine. i dont know how someone could confuse the fake ones for the real ones and justify not knowing they were fake. cats around my way that rock fakes sneakers and claim to be headz dont know anything about legit prices. one kid at my school said he paid 100 for a pair of unkles and got some Chocolate Sb's for 135 off ebay..right ?)

2 Weeks ago in Brands

name these shoes! someone please help

im not tryna sound like a noob or anythin. but i saw these shoes i was interested in purchasing because of their color scheme(despite the grey). Im not really certain where to start looking for them because im not sure what theyre called( if theyre even called anything)... back to the point, heres a pic for anyone that thinks that they may be able to assist me in my questt.. [Image] (note, im just looking for the shoes) Thank in advance to anyone that can help or even attempts to!

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Alright, do me this favor and check me out...

artist like you, make me proud to be from the tristate area. it sucks that talent gets overlooked alot. hope all goes well witcha and good luck brah.

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

Cleaning Help (zoom team edition)

So I have a pair of Team Edition SB's, specifically the Danny Supa Tiger SBs, that need to be cleaned. Ive looked at other threads that describe techniques of cleaning the suede and the midsoless of shoes (suede nubbuck brushes and Mr. Clean magic eraser) and those ways have worked perfectly. However its been pretty hard for me to clean the tongues because of the material(im guessing mesh) used in that area. Also another part of the shoe, the actual inside of the shoe has minor flaws because I was wearing these socks a while back that bled. Basically I am wondering if it is possible to wash these shoes in the machine, ive washed forces before with no problem but in this case i am worried because of the suede material on the shoe. Here is a picture of the shoe model bellow. [Image] Im open for any help or suggestions(btw im hoping I posted this in the right section).

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Shoe cleaning help(Zoom Team Edition)

...sorry wrong section reposted in correct section.

2 Weeks ago in Brands

DC METRO: Stock Exchange

Im a highschool student in the DC area, and i know a bunch of kids and adults(mainly shoe collectors) who would be interested in something like. There was one planned a while back and alot of us were hyped up over it, however it fell through and didnt happen to many of our disapointemnet. Of course, alot more of us would show if it were durring the summer or something of that sort. If you end up going through with this idea, I could probrably help pass out flyers or something. So yahhh...

2 Weeks ago in United States