Help me pick which shoe to pick up

either brown pack his, footpatrol stabs, or band-aids.

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paypal/fedex help/

I recently sold somethin and the person paid with paypal. when he got it, he went on about some shit like... it doesnt look real and i dont want this fake shit anymore. but it was 100% real and i dunno what he was bitchin about. so then he somehow won the buyer dispute, and i had to send his money back. he sent the item to paypal hq. paypal emailed me and asked if i would like it back. i didnt really, but i said sure just cuz. so the thing finally came, then 3 days later i got a letter from fedex saying i owe them $105. this is bullshit. 105 shipping on a tee that i sold for 15. i dont want to pay for this shit. is there anything i can do? or am i screwed now?

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Poll - SOLEsurvivor a MOD?

[Quote] If it worked for DUM I guess it could work for SOLE?

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WTF? Ganstalicious/So Fitted Quoting?

I don't get it. Everytime you quote Ganstalicious it shows up as a quote from So Fitted??? Are they the same person?

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Live Stock x Madfoot???

K so I haven't been on HB in a week or two, and I checked the updates to see what I missed. I was shocked to see that Live Stock finally has a colab! Its not bad, if they sell it at Live Stock I think I might pick up a pair. Any input post here.

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Help With Nike Account

So my dad said he was thinking about opening a small business, and I said how bout a shoe boutique. He knows about shoes a little, and currently owns some Sbs, so I drew him up a business plan and he liked it. He is seriously thinking aobut opening up a shop. But if he opened a shop, he wants to know how to get a Nike Account, as well as an SB account. Does anyone know how he could do this? Anyone got any info like how much per month, who to contact, stuff like that. PM me or drop a post. Thanks in advance. Peace

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Damn. Who's gonna cop these? Just curious. Anyone think they gonna be hyped? IMO these are pretty fresh. [Image] Taken from homepage.... "This is the picture of the Jordan Brand’s Spiz’ike. The shoe that combines elements from The Air Jordan III, IV, V and VI. All of the mentioned shoes besides Michael Jordan were endorsed also by the famous filmmaker Spike Lee. It’s a clear continuation of a the Dub Zero model which was popular among the public. The concept was highly criticized by the sneaker communities, but became a huge seller. JB is hoping to capitalize on the popularity of the earlier Jordans. It releases in March of 2007 and retails for $175." Yall Canada sneaker heads get ready to pull out some cash. I hate buying Jordans in Canada....a chew RAPE a chew.

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Broke where you at??

Why'd he get banned?

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Is anyone going to cop the MARS IVs at LIVESTOCK?

Hey just curious if anyone is going to cop the Mars IVs at Livestock tommorow (sat. 22). I don't think I'm gonna go. I gonna save for the chain gang and Jordan IIIs and shit like that.

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Serie A Italy Match Fixing Scandals...

What do you guys think? Will teams like Juventus get relegated? Post your input.

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The Rest of the World Suffers...

Hey I just saw some Jordan V info on the HB homepage. It said it will be released "at Urban accounts in the US" so the rest of the world can't get them?

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Kentuckys or UNLV?

Hey guys. The ones from the BTTYS Series.

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When Do The SKULLSTAS Come Out??

Hey I think some of you know what I'm talking about. When do the Bape Skullstas drop?? Also, when they drop, can someone that lives near a BWS pick a pair up for me?

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Hey guys. My good buddy is going to New York soon and he said he would cop some stuff for me if I wanted. Whats good in New York?? I'm going to tell him to check out Supreme for sure, even with those rape prices, but what else is good in NY?

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Wats up HypeBeast. I ain't a Mod or nothing - but it has come to my attention that someone on HypeBeast should get banned. I'm making this thread so that "HOLLA@ME" can get openly laughed at and made fun of by all of HypeBeast. Most of you HypeBeasters know what I'm talking about - cussin at everyone, saying the wackest shit every, acting gangster when your 15, etc, etc. For you that don't know - I have compiled I little something. [U][B]Here are the top 10 quotes by "HOLLA@ME."[/B][/U] IN NO ORDER... 1.)"hes a bitch hes only ttryin 2 start shyte [B]he needa get popped 4 real [/B]cuz he startin junk all da time" 2.)"u criticize everything i post but ur such a dickface" 3.)(directed to SOLEsurvivor) "u wunna b in all my threads u want my used condoms 2" 4.)"i am not a ganster,[B]i am a playa get it straight[/B]" (remember folks, this coming from a 15 year old) 5.)"doesnt it seem [B]popostrous[/B]" 6.)"dood yo" (used in almost every post made by him) 7.)"dood yea thats it ur a skater that y ur a dickhead" (on this forum he will probably get flamed.. well I can only hope) 8.)"but i have sean carters n gunits i only wore once about a year ago,i dont wear them n the reason im saying this is because they r not in style [B]i wood maybe get cracked on if i rocked them so i dont rock em[/B]" 9.)"[B]limited shoes i buy cuz they r limited [/B]n the weird thing is i see a shoe i dont feel it then see its limtied n doods aint rly gonna have it,so then like i really fukkin like it n wil stand n line 4 it" (yes I know, this quote may be hard to understand because of the lack of grammar. It is saying something like... I see a shoe and I don't really like it, but then I find that it is limited, then I like it) 10.)"how do i prevent my invisible woman af1s from fogging or yellowing?plz elaborate" (this is on the list because he has probably said it 20 times a day)

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