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BBC Running Dog XXL BapeXkawsXL, playclothes shirts XXL

For sale (all sales as is and final, references upon request, prices are for items, shipping costs to be determined per your shipping method of request): Very good condition (worn three times) - BBC Running Dogs Grey Hoodie XXL - $250 obo: [Image]

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Designers with apparel experience

I'm interested in looking at some portfolios of any designers here who have some apparel experience or have some interest in the field. Darker, edgier designs will peak our interest, but we're interested in looking at all work right now.

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BBC Denim, your opinions?

I'm looking at copping a pair of Billionaire Boys Club Denim. They stock them at my local Barneys and I have a gift card leftover from the holidays that will take the cost down some. But I know a lot of people say they are good jeans, just not worth the price. Also, they are Raw black denim, they fit me great off the shelve. I'm wondering if I dry clean or rarely wash them, how much they will shrink, and then later stretch? Any info is appreciated.

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DB2 - Dirt Off Your Shoulder - Bootleg RMX

Thought I'd leak a bootleg RMX I worked on. Hope someone enjoys! d [URL]

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Techno Live Set

I thought I'd share some music I've been working on. I work with all kinds of styles, hip hop, rock, techno, idm, etc. This particular set is all original techno material I've done over the past year. If you don't like techno you probably won't like it, but if you're curious give it a go! I'm not sure how long it will be up on the server, but its there for now! I'll be swapping it out with updated recordings throughout the year. direct link: [URL]

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Denim - any info on these brands?

Can anyone give me any opinions about any of the following brands of denim: # Stitch's # Nudie Jeans # Helmut Lang # Earnest Sewn # 7 for All Mankind # Acne Jeans # Chip & Pepper # Citizens of Humanity # Iron Army # Ksubi # Levi's Capital E # PRADA # Rag & Bone # Rogan # True Religion # Loomstate # Superfine # Gilded Age # McQ by Alexander McQueen # J Brand # Opening Ceremony # A.P.C. # Theory Any information is appreciated!

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Whats up with bapetalk?

Anyone on here a member over at bapetalk.com? I was talking to a member about a purchase and now the site seems to be down. Anybody know what's up with that? d

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RSS FEED ~ Whens it returning?

I've asked twice and hypebeast officials tell me it will be back online 'soon'. Does anyone have any more information? I need the feed!!!

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Suprano Jim Greco Signature shoe in chrome

Can anybody help me out on where to preorder these online? [Image]

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Borough Bred

Anyone know where I can get more information about purchasing Borough Bred online? I wanna shout this one out to my ladies.

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Cleaning advice for P-Rods

Can anyone give me any cleaning advice for my Green Bean/Black P-Rods? They got mad stepped on a couple times at a festival. I'm terrible at cleaning anything and figured someone could point me in the right direction for some advice. Thanks for reading. [Image]

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New Era sizing predicament

A quick question for the new era fans. I don't rock hats very much but recently I saw a couple fitteds I was jonesing for and they come in handy during festival season when sleep may occur in one of many unique locations. So, I have a couple New Era caps that I inherited from my brother. They are size 7 1/2 and are damn snug (maybe even a bit too tight). So when I bought my monogram cap from Mishka I decided to go with 7 5/8, the next size up. The hat got here today and it's definitely too large. So much so that it fits over my ears! I can't understand why my other New Era 7 1/2's fit super tight and this one is super loose. Am I loosing my mind? Should I try one of the shrink methods on the cap (spray the sweatband, shower with it on, etc.), or should I sell it and try to cop another size or different cap? Any and all help is appreciated!

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Staple 10th Anniversery 3rd Drop T's

I actually think I want all of them. Can anyone recommend the best online shops to watch for these drops?

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Just curious if people have suggestions for, or pictures of, their favorite backpacks/daypacks that are available right now. I'm looking for something for summer festival use. Something rugged but also light enough to lug around all day.

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marketplace forums or boards

Can anyone recommend any good forums or boards for p2p buying/selling of clothing/streetwear? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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