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Kanye West Love Lockdown Official Video

^^real talk, song sucks video sucks and album is gonna suck

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Skatboarding: A little Help?

i wouldn't sit there in one place and try and pump out tricks. get used to ridin and being comfortable on the deck. start small with ollies while ridin, pretty soon you'll be hoppin curbs and shit. i understand the frustration aspect but don't trick yourself into thinkin you can do some wild trick in a short time period. i can only kickflip and heelflip while ridin consistently and both tricks just came to me after practicing for a long ass time but i wasnt solely concentrating on trying to learn those specific tricks, you just gotta feel it, hard to explain. dont give up on it though, skating is hella fun and milk it for whats it worth now

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common is losin his touch, this song fails as will the album

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[Official] Picture/Video/Gif thread

good god that "sarah palin, parah salin" is fucking gold

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Best producer??

thread is done, all the best have already been named. besides mf doom

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[Two Black Guys] - 2008 Discussion Thread

[Quote] ^^^good call saw that too

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Best Storytelling Songs

GZA - Cold World Outkast - Da Art of Storytellin' Common - I Used to Love H.E.R. Trife da God ft. Ghostface - Project Soap Operas Slick Rick - Sittin in my Car, Memories, Children's Story Ghostface - Run (Ratatat remix is ill too) Nas - Rewind Warren G - Regulate Murs - Walk Like a Man Nas - I Gave You Power Big L - The Heist: Revisited i could name plenty more but those are a few of my stand outs, i love the storytelling tracks, nice thread

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