Happy Birthday Kobe

23 August, 1978 [Image] Thank you Black Mamba

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The Official "Shamu" Thread

for those of yoo who don't know... A killer whale has attacked and killed a trainer at Sea World in Florida, as the audience watched in horror. As Kelly Cobiella reports, the 12,000-pound whale has allegedly killed others in the past. [URL] PAY HOMAGE

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Someone Make This a GIF Now

Finally decided to watch "The league" on FX the episode was aite but this part had me rollin 3:33-3:50 [URL] pleaseandthankyou

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He Got Me :(

I got got [URL] fucking letter Q always sellin me out and shit

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this video had me rollin. the subtitles are funny as hell 55 second into the video I want my shake. I want my sheets I want my sheath I want my shin...SALAD! [URL] 1:55 "Ima kill the sun" 2:50 "YOU GOT THE RIPE TITS!!!"

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Cheating 101

Seeing how most of your are still in high-school i figured I'd help you out by sharing some of the methods I used to help me graduate [B][SIZE="4"][CENTER]Tests [/CENTER][/SIZE][/B] *Chapstick- if you happen to take a scantron test and you don't know any of the answers just randomly fill in the bubbles and rub chapstick all over your answer sheet this makes your scantron unreable and the machine will usually eat it your answer sheet when your teacher gives you a day to make up the test tell him/her you have a dentist appointment or something and that you'll be able to make it up the next day. this should buy you a couple days. *Broken Pencil- An old school method. just break your #2 pencil get up and go sharpen it make sure you to look at answers on the way back you should be able to get 2 or 3. Only do this about twice per test and space out your get-ups *Imprint- Before you take the test [preferably in another class], take out a few blank sheets of paper and line them all up on your desk in a stack. Take a ballpoint pen, and on the top sheet in a corner where you dont usually write on tests, write with a pretty good pressure what you need to know for the test [answers/info/etc.] to leave a blank imprint on the next page. Use that next page for your test. When your taking the test you can still read the imprint off the paper and by the time the teacher gets the paper, the imprint won't be noticible unless they're really looking for it. To be safe, scratch the underside of the page a little to take it away when you're done. *Decorative Code-This is used best when written in code, and if you really need a LOT of notes with you. Write all your notes, in code, with permanent pen or paint, all over something you can take with you to class. Try to write in patterns in some kind of creative way, so if a teacher asks you what it is you can say it's just meaningless decoration or something. *The Bathroom- If your teacher will actually LET you go, stash your books and notes in the bathroom, during the test make a list of everything you DON'T know the answer to, then ask to go to the bathroom, look it all up (if you have a bad memory, write it down somewhere), then go back to the test and fill it all in. *Eye Contacts- act like you have somthing in your eye and touch ur eye acting like ur getting an eye lash out or fixing a contact that way u can look all over the place including some ones paper. the teacher wont suspect a thing *Camera Phones- If possible have one of your friends distract the teacher while you take a picture of the test on your camera phone go home and look up all the answers [SIZE="4"][CENTER]General Tips[/CENTER][/SIZE] *Look around the room (if you're writing the test in the room you normally have the subject in). Posters on the walls, books, things like that might give you clues *When you don't know the answer to a question (for like English or humanities tests) - BE AS VAUGE AS POSSIBLE. This way the teacher can't count it wrong and you can explain your answer later when you know what it is *Don't look puzzled or confused, or the teacher might get suspicious. *Be clever when you hide notes. most teachers are old as shit and have seen it all *Watch your teacher! When the teacher is turned away or occupied, ask friends for answers * When writing papers write the entire thing in size 12 font then go back and change the font size on all the periods to 14. it's unoticeable to teachers and on papers over 5 pages will usually save you about 1/2 to 3/4 of writing. The Golden Rule *sit next to Asian people Get Learned/

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Official People Who Should Not Breed Thread

a list of people who should under no cirumstances have kids or being involved in any reproductive process for some it may be too late smh feel free to add celebrity quotes. Paris hilton Jessica simpson John madden Mike Tyson Don King

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360 Controllers?

does the regular wireless X-Box 360 controller not sync with the Elite console because I tried to play multiplayer with my brother at his apartment and my controller wouldnt work

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Madden Cover 2009

Who do you think is going to be on it and who do you want to be on it discuss.... yes Helgen I posted this here just so you'll have to move it tongueface

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I have a Nissan 1995 240SX SE (Silvia S14) and I was debating on whether or not to do an engine swap because the stock KA24DE sucks tongueface Im leaning towards and S14 Black top or S13 red top becuase of the availability and cost, but I've also been hearing about RB26DET engine swaps become popular in the 240SX. does anyone have a preference?

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Graffiti Stencils

I used to some graff but I've been in trouble with the law alot over the last two years so I decided to switch to stencils primarily because it would be faster.I tried just drawing some and cutting them out with an X-acto knife but it didnt work out too well. Anyone have tips for making quality stencils and what material to use.I dont have photoshop but I can draw alright.

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Chronic Masturbation

dont ask me how i found this I thought it was pretty funny though [URL] all you need is a little imagination. turn your hand into a hawt as Asian &)

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The Roots- Get Busy

Song- Get Busy Artist- The Roots ft. Dice Raw, Peedi Crack and DJ Jazzy Jeff Produced by Ritz This album is going to be crazy [URL]

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Haze Clothing

What do yall think about Haze Thumbs up or Thumbs down (personally I like it) [URL]

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