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Could you listen to my new song. (Im 15 At least gimme a chance)

I will listen to that later it seem good hear that music.

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Official Jewelry Thread

They are pretty amazing jewelry.In Finland i seen many people doing a jewelry for cash at http://www.verkkokulta.fi/ which i also seen different kind of awesome gold and silver jewelry however i can't afford them after changing it in cash.

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how far will the nets get in the playoffs?

Nets can get in Playoffs with the help of all new member.

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Till I Die ft. Jimmy Astro

Well i will listen to that one it seem that it is really amazing music.

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Corduroy Pants - Yes or No?

Yes to this specially if you put some accessories like [URL] or wristwatch it will be a good fashion style.In Finland country many people use accessories so they can look very nice.

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I got a hot private tutor, I need some help.

That is quite very hard on your because she is your tutor.Well for me one of the best way is to look good and do good job on her job and if you do it take her out and ask her if she is single and free to date.

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What are you listening to?

I am listening to payphone by maroon 5

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