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Anybody know where I can cop some good, but affordable waxed jeans?

Like the look of them, but I can't seem to find a good pair anywhere. I would wax some myself, but I'm questioning how long they're going to last before they start to look crappy.

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Will Lebron Be Better Than Jordan?

Hell no. Lebron wouldn't even be on his 2nd ring if it wasn't for Ray Allen sinking a Kobe-esque clutch shot and Tim Duncan performing possibly the worst chokejob of his career.

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Chris Brown can't dress thread

[Quote]Exactly. I think Chris Brown is a massive douche, but to be so obsessed with hating him, you have to wonder how envious these guys are lmao

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This album is easily better than Take Care for me. Sonically, the production is better and Drake's improved flow-wise and lyrically. Take Care has way too much filler for me to ever listen to the whole thing back to back. This album is definitely more focused and polished. Doesn't have a sequence that's completely nonsensical like Take Care (like bruh, you seriously followed up probably the most beautiful song you've done up to that point with a generic radio single like HYFR?).

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Looking for/Where to find Discussion Thread

Looking for a snapback with an aqua brim, black crown and then a logo in pink and white. Basically, Miami Vice like colors. I saw one that looked amazing but of course the crown had "SWAG" written in gigantic letters on the crown and basically ruined it for me. I'm looking for one without. It seems that Pink Dolphin has the colors but I still haven't found one with the colors in the exact places. Honestly one of the dopest colorways I've ever seen on a snapback. Here's an example of what I'm talking about: http://rebulcollection.com/xcart/SWAG-Snapback-Miami-Vice.html Amazing colorway ruined by a played out and stupid word.

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Need help find a snap in this colorway.

http://rebulcollection.com/xcart/SWAG-Snapback-Miami-Vice.html It's black with an aqua brim and white and pink logo. The colorway looks fire but I absolutely hate the word swag so I'm looking for one with more or less the same colors but with a different logo. I'd even be fine with "dope" just not swag or YOLO.

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