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[Dataset] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread

[Image] - Shop Online at: www.feeldataset.com Follow on Instagram: www.instagram.com/datasetclothing - As seen on Big Up Magazine, Knowledge Magazine & Spinr Magazine, Dataset Clothing aims to connect with fellow music producers and beat makers pushing the bass sound, through clean and simple typographic designs with a retro / futuristic feel. Team Artists: Joe Nice (Baltimore, MD) Eprom (San Francisco, CA ) Samples (Denver, CO) EshOne (San Diego, CA) Bulletproof (Auckland, NZ) Takcom (Tokyo, JAP)

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Dataset Exclusive Mixes [Bass Music]

[Image] - Dataset - Exclusive Mix #003 by Dj Pound Stream or Download: http://official.fm/tracks/4jTE - TRACKLIST 1. Dj Pound – Flying thru machine layer ( Marine layer ) 2. Taste Tester – Sneak Tactics 3. Kloud – Team Supreme 4 4. Djemba Djemba – Team Supreme 4 5. ƱZ – Trapshit v6 6. Lazersword – Klock 7. Moist Ghost – All I Do Is Smoke Trees 8. Afrojack (CRNKN Trapdux Remix) – Bangduck 9. LDFD – Fuck You Lubbock International Airport 10. Unknown Shapes – Used to give a fuck 11. ƱZ – Trapshit V7 12. ?? – ?? 13. Great Dane – OH 14. Quarry & Tyler Tastemaker – This is for the Gs 15. ƱZ – Trapshit V9 16. Eprom – Regis Chiblin 17. Digi G’Alessio – Wolf the legend 18. Dj Pound – Endless

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Hey! New guy here

Hello Hypebeast peeps! I'm a graphic designer / music producer from San Diego, CA just wanted to introduce myself to everyone on the forum, still figuring out what the proper etiquette is around these areas, so hopefully I don't mess up too much! Hoping to connect with other peeps interested in electronic music, bass music in particular, or maybe other graphic designers? cheers,

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