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Does anyone feel exceptionally cool when their friends mention OFWGKTA or StreetEttiq

"Dude, have you heard of [OFWGKTA/STREETETTIQUETTE]?" "Yeah, dude, did you know I know that dude [TYLER/JKISSI]" "Really, wtf, how?" "Well, I don't really know them, nor have I talked to them, but we were on the same forum!!!" smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface

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Things you never knew about hypebeast

Helgen wrote Kids Charged is a rabbi Gangstalicious sold his virginity to the Seattle SuperSonics And, I escaped from North Korea continue....

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Official Class of 2010 College Admission / Denial Thread

Hey gays, where did you get accepted and denied from include your stats! GPA: 3.5 SAT: 1670 SAT2: 600math 670ush got into UCSC, got denied from Cal Poly. Waiting on others but most likely going to UCSC!

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Hey hypebeast, long time no talk. What've you faggots been up to?

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Private Maple Story

anyone got any good server recommendation? anyone play?

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Quick question; quick answer

American Apparel sizing compared to Neighborhood. I'm an XL in neighborhood, am i an XL in AA?

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Do you faggots think you can take on my brute?

ari111.mybrute.com challenge me cumlickers

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recommend me a movie

I want to watch a movie but i don't know what movie. I like movies like City of God, The Warriors, Pulp Fiction, Gangs of New York, and Reservoir Dogs. Recommend me more, no mafia movies please.

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all women are gold-diggers; more money - more orgasms

[URL] inb4 summaries and too long

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Fake I.D.s

thoughts on them, where / how to get them, success rates, stories and such

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(FS) Nike Jordan Grape V 5s - 13

sold, pussyfaces

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Canada road trip help pl0x

if i am a us citizen what do i need for a roadtrip to and from canada while i am still a minor without my parents? i googled but got nothing good

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happy sixteenth birthday

To Me Mothafuckas!

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helgen is the cousin of death


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lol sketch swap fun!

[URL] try it!

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