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Australia, Sydney: Nitrogen...

Hey was wondering if anyone knew if the LRG stuff they sell at the nitrogen store on george street are real or fakes? (i bought the dead serious hoody and im a little concerned now after discovering what i will type below) I bought a new era cap from there and from what i could see when comparing with my other new era cap (which im sure is real) the tags on the one i bought from nitrogen were a little dodgy... here are some pics of the tags my legit cap [Image] i dunno if u guys can see from the photos but u can kinda tell that the letters saying 'new era' and the size on the one from nitrogen looks a little bad quality as opposed to the legit one.. also the MLB logo onthe back of the one i got from nitrogen doesnt seem to look as clear either but i didnt bother with a photo of that because u'd prolly won't be able to see it on the black

2 Weeks ago in Asia