Mars 2023

One way trip to mars in 2023. Can sign up for it now. Who all trying to sign up? HB on Mars smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface [URL] [Embed content]

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New Chapter Of My Life

I know some people out there feel the same way I do. I need to get the hell up out of where I'm from. I'm tired of the same ole people, places, weather...ect I'm from Michigan and need to get the fuck out (Michigan is still home though and I'll forever be king of it). It's cold nine months of the year, gloomy and the weather is random as fuck. I'm tired of the same ole ratchet girls and lack of diversity. So! What's a good place to move to? Money isn't an issue. I want to move somewhere warm most of the year (I can deal with cold weather though, obviously), diverse, somewhere in the city or close to it and a shit ton of stuff to do.  I'm in college right now too so I can transfer. Any recommendations?

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Official Debby Ryan Thread

Yall ever watch Jessie? I can watch that shit all day because of her <3  Thank me later.  [Image] [Embed content]

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