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THE GAUNTLET/most dangerous cities

while watching the hood 2 hood, a dvd that travels to "the most dangerous cities" in the u.s...me and my homies had a discussion about what cities each thought where most dangerous to them, not what a survey claimed.. in the end we came up with THE GAUNTLET..basically between 10pm-2am you would walk 1 mile through 5 of the most violent,gang,drug infested streets,neighborhood or projects for that city..all while straped with a video camera and holding a boom box playing PROJECT PAT-fight or THREE 6 MAFIA-gang signs... LIST 2 CITIES THAT YOU CONSIDER MOST DANGEROUS TO YOU AND WOULD NOT WANT TO DO *THE GAUNTLET* such as: LOS ANGELES OAKLAND NEW ORLEANS MEMPHIS DETROIT CHICAGO ATLANTA BALTIMORE CAMDEN ST. LOUIS NEW YORK ECT..ECT.. [URL]

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be in any song/music video

name one SONG that you would have wanted to be in the studio for and one MUSIC VIDEO you would have wanted to appear in..... studio: NAS/ETHER the amount of hype around this beef was insane..i could only imagine what kind of talk and energy that was going on in the studio... music video: DR. DRE/NUTHIN' BUT A "G" THANG [URL] One, two, three and to the fo' Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre are at the do' definite west coast anthem...when i hear the song and see this video it reminds me of the whole era when the west had shit on lock hard.... [SIZE="5"]just 1 of each[/SIZE]

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maharishi killed it this season.... [URL]

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you in any movie ever

out of the history of film, which movie would you want to be immortalized in..it doesnt even have to be your favorite film,maybe just characters you like or the storyline of the movie was dope to you..everything everyone in the world knows and feels about the film stays the same,just you are in it..... ex: THE GODFATHER -the godfather series in this case you would be specific-marlon brando,al pachino or robert deniro TONY MONTANA - scarface MAVERICK - top gun LLOYD CHRISTMAS - dumb and dumber ect................ect............ WHAT EVER FILM..........ect................ect..... MY PICKS: *THE TERMINATOR -terminator series/ [URL]

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went to see the movie SUNSHINE today and i gotta give it a 7/10 or a solid "B"..any storyline consisting of the sun dying out and humans having to reignite it is going to be crazy..i had been waiting a couple months for this film to come out and was more than pleased with the results....without saying too much..all i can say is shit gets hella intense.. anyone else see it??? [URL]

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90's music appreciation

basically songs that scream 90s..any genre..list whatever you want but try to strive for the forgotten or maybe never heard by most..not material thats discussed on H.B. often... *videos not required HIP HOP/RAP rappin 4 tay - playaz club v [URL] ace of base - all that she wants/the sign long list ,but just chipped the iceberg...

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WU TANG:revealed video

new WU video coming out soon..peep the link.. [URL]

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Horror film appreciation

POST FAVORITE:characters,films,moments FAVORITE CHARACTERS: freddy krueger***** [URL]

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just got back from seeing the film and got to say its worth every penny..one of the most important films ive ever seen..i knew about the problem but not to that extent..anyone else peep it??

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legends of wrestling


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Legends of wrestling

post your favorite wrestler of all time..i remember wrestling being the shit back in the late 80s-early 90s..when it was WWF,WCW,then ECW came along..i stoped watching after 95..first thing i remember was WRESTLE MANIA 3 hulk hogan vs. andre the giant... my fav wrestler has to go to: Bret "Hitman" Hart aka-The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be aka-Excellence of Execution he wasnt all corny and he had hella signiture moves servin sharpshooters all day.... [URL] Shot at 2007-06-28 i didnt want to track down every name but heres a couple for your memory: Hulk Hogan Jake "the snake"Roberts Randy Savage Ultimate Warrior Bret "Hitman" Hart Ted DiBiase (the million dollar man) The Undertaker Ravishing Rick Rude British Bulldog sargent slaughter Mr. Perfect Brutus the barber beefcake Papa Shango Shawn Michaels Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka Razor Ramon Legion Of Doom Demolition Men The Iron Sheik Mr. Fuji Terry Funk Jerry "The King" Lawler George "The Animal" Steele "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat King Kong Bundy Koko B. Ware Andr

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this dude had me hella weak...all are coo but 2 and 4 are my fav's... episode1-- [URL]

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so its just pass the first half of 2007 and i have only spent money on 2 albums...those being SEAN PRICE-jesus price superstar/PROJECT PAT-crook by da book...id definitly say that SEAN P's album is my favorite of the year so far..PAT's album was coo but nothing like mista dont play/ghetty green... this has left me to yet again keep buying old albums and live in the past...which is o.k. but not refreshing..ya kno with saying that is there anyone else that feels the first half of the year was weak for music?? what have you bought??(down for whatever genre..hip hop-blue grass) are there any 07 albums you guys would recommend ?? ********************************************************* heads up JAYLIB-madlib&dilla and CHROME CHILDREN 2 albums are releasing 06/19...a definite cop..went to the JAYLIB rerelease party this weekend...its gonna be hotter than molten hot magma

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Dynamic duo's

if you had to pick an all time favorite group consisting of only 2 members who would it be.......... it took me a whole day to decide from the huge list..but im gonna have to go with MOBB DEEP..i still bang THE INFAMOUS,HELL ON EARTH,and MURDA MUZIK all day...ive had each one since there original release..these albums never get old to me... [SIZE="5"]J U S T 1 G R O U P [/SIZE]

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this girl really needs no introduction but for those of you who dont know this beautys name is M O S H Z I L L A !!!!! [URL]

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