Hey Guys, I came accross this site with some pretty sweet SBs, rare hard to find SB and at some pretty sweet prices. Got me thinkin are these babies fake?? Can anyone help me on this before I purchase. Thanks Crew.

2 Weeks ago in Brands

D2D Threadz Restructuring!!

Hey Guys, well we have gone through some restructuring as far as our manufacturers and the orders we make and in doing so have finally been able to drop our pricing structure for our Tees to $49.95. We are adding to our range in the next few months with Hats, Shorts, Hoodies and some Accessories. We will be doing a fully reversable Hoody that i look forward to showing you guys over the next few months. We are also offering free postage to anywhere in the world for members of the Hypebeast Forum. PM me if your keen and I can change the country codes for your country so that postage is free. Hope your all sweet and look forward to showing you more of our new range soon. Check out [URL] for more info on some additions to D2D Team, some smooth styles joining the teamsblushing

2 Weeks ago in Asia

Our Tour of Tokyo!!

Hey guys, just thought I would let you know we have just about finished our Tour of Japan. We have set up some blogs and slides on our myspace site for those of you keen to check out some of the action, fuckin wild experience is all I can say!!!!! Will definately be back soonblushing JG Myspace is [URL]

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Got my Nike SB Crew Packs Today!!

Hey Guys, got my hands on 3 pairs of SBs today!! The "Crew Packs" featured on the front page, the Dunk Hi Premium Glow in the Darks and some Paul Rodriguez Zoom Lows. I call that a good dayblushing

2 Weeks ago in Nike

Car Shops in Japan??

Hey Guys, headin to Japan next week and was wondering if there was any Car Shops in Tokyo? I am staying in the Shibuyu area and was looking for some Nissan stuff. Know where i can head??? Thanks

2 Weeks ago in Japan

Going to Japan!! Need Help!!

Hi guys, we have got some great flights to Osaka and was wondering how difficult and expensive it was to get to Tokyo from there. How often does the train go from Osaka to Tokyo as we could save quite alot of money if we flew into to Osaka!! Any help would be greatly appreciatedblushing JG

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