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Versace for H&M Velvet Bomber Varsity Jacket sz S

I think there is no need to describe this jacket anymore. The jacket comes with the Versace for H&M hanger and the garment bag. Priced $500 shipped to USCONS with paypal payment as a gift, otherwise please add 4%. I do have to photo of the actual jacket, just pm me if you would like to see it. Thanks!

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Official Varsity Jackets Thread

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Gently Worn Naked & Famous Black Power Stretch sz 29

[URL] I have a pair of gently worn Naked & Famous Black Power Stretch in sz 29. They have been worn about 5 times and they are in excellent condition. The inseam is never altered and it's the extra long inseam for the ideal stacked look. Price will be US $100OBO and Shipping will be $10. I ship to USCONS only. I accept Paypal only and please add 4% if you wish me to send you an invoice otherwise gift is accepted as well. Let me know if you have any questions or want to see the actual photos. Thanks!

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