hype cog

What is

your desktop screen. who HAr.

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Who would Win?

EEEEH. Who would win in a fight between Shaq and Jackie Chan Tothedeath.

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What lyric's some up what you and your current mood?

Yada yada yada

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Fit Chicks With douche bag boyfriends.

Im sick of seeing hot little bitches with some absolute mug. NAWwhatImean. [Image]

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Hot Chicks Picking Up Dawg Bumrubbish

[Image] Shovelthatshitbitch.

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Ive found that if im messing around I can jam it down, but I cant seem able dunk in a game too much, im thinking it might be the fact I cant grip the ball too well, as i can get up easy and my vertical is pretty good. Ive improved my fittness levels quite a bit recently and haven't played a game yet so we will see, but does anyone have any tips on how they progressed from messing around dunking to throwing it down in a game. [Image]

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What the hell is going on!

I know you all stumble across random images as you search the web and you stop and think what the hell is going on in that image. Something like this : [Image] Post em below!

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What you eat at subway

ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. what everyone eat at subway. Im a subwaymelt, Like sex in bread.

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Celebrities with least style

I was just thinking to myself, for every fly, iconic celebrities there has to be at least 10 with no sence of dress. Post em below - [Image]

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Smelly ass people on buses no more.

Two Honolulu city council members proposed a bill that would ban certain annoying behavior on buses including bad body odor. If passed, perps could face a $500 fine or six months in jail. From KITV: "It's horrible -- sometimes you have to get up and open up the vents, and it's just obnoxious," said veteran bus driver Thom Robinson. [URL]

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