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[WTB] Jordans, SBs (mostly! Ferris Buellers), Air Maxes, Kobe 7s, Lebron 8s. anything dope. sz(9-10)

I have Kobe 7s Big Bangs size 9.5 (U.K) 8.5 brand new but without the box lid, but i'm over in the U.K.

2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

007: Skyfall Official Discussion Thread

Quantum of Solace wasn't the best, but quite looking forward to this film as there is more acting and emotion rather than action all the way through.

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

Prometheus (2012)

There is a sequel to Prometheus confirmed, out no earlier than 2014...

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

Official Instagram Thread


2 Weeks ago in Photography

Air Yeezy 2 Discussion

One of my grails, once I get enough money I will buy them but these resellers selling them for 1000+ is just annoying, the design stands out alone, also the fact that fake models are on the market now loads of people are going to get screwed! Would of loved to have seen a tan/net colourway on the 2's.

2 Weeks ago in Footwear

Follow Thread...Follow Me On Twitter and Tumblr

http://hardknocksopentoughlocks.tumblr.com/ (I post sneakers and ass) https://twitter.com/daleee34 Follow me please!

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Droneboy Laundry

Yeah man, think they've got some new tees coming out winter time!

2 Weeks ago in Europe

come here! air max outlet factory online

FAKE written all over that site.

2 Weeks ago in Sports

Droneboy Laundry

http://www.droneboylaundry.com/ Based in Cardiff, they sell some real top quality tees and sweaters check 'em out! [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Europe