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Highlights: The Air Featuring Pee J, Vintage Boom Box, You're My Reality, and The Victory Statement. Waring: This project was highly experimental. Desription: In six short months our artist has prepared 22 Tracks forhis support group to enjoy, throughout the project St. Louis based rapper DaKid iCE illustrates stories that are in his mind on a daily basis. Frompersonal issues such as money, concern of his future stability, heartbreak,violence in his hometown and peer pressure. “I wanted to give the people a partof me; one hour and four minutes isn’t enough to show you it all though. I wantyou to sit back and take this opportunity to see how it feels to be anotherhuman being.” While recording this project Da Kid iCE has ran into a lot ofpersonal issues that were not discussed on the tape for obvious reasons. Lastwords from him? “Sit back and enjoy the ride, it only gets better.” Hometown Hero: TheLost King coming soon. Download: http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/da-kid-ice-ice-extended-version-mixtape.57003.html

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UGFYMD: Woo Riddim - Zero The Lyricist

[Embed content] Location: London Genre: Grime/Hip-Hop

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Luxury Life (Feedback).

Luxury Life. Concept is me playing the role of a "Successful established public figure. I basically tried to imagine the things they do on the daily basis and the problems they go through. How is the mixing / quality? http://soundcloud.com/user8409340/luxury-life-prod-by

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Clippers 2012 NBA Champions! Vol FUCK KOBE N DA LAKERS

Would be weird if the clippers became the dominate team in LA...Might happen in the future

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Dis nigga Kobe

Hopefully he did sign one.

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