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I'll take the bxh anti-war off you; can't send PM since I don't really post here. I can pay through paypal whenever though.

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Is it possible to LEARN to draw?

yes, you can learn. my brother used to suck ass at drawing but after a lot of practice he's crazy now, could do it as a career if he wanted to. i suggest you go out and take some photos, then draw them as realistically as you can. (if you use one online it's just ripping other people's work which is no good). as for creativity, which IMO is more important than technical skill, go explore some artists that are extremely creative. start here if you want, these are the kaikai kiki people. don't bite them of course but if there's a single element you like, for example color combinations or a shape or something, see what you can do with it. [URL]

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Commissary Disses Crooks and Castles

basically, the employees are chill once you talk to them. anyone familiar with andrew lee of invisible:man who made the store should get where their attitude is from

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Commissary Disses Crooks and Castles

[Quote] exactly other day i was talking to one of the comm guys about the air yeezy. "we don't cary that shit here." in fact, theyd probably be pissed if kanye wore their stuff. comm is much more underground, thats why you dont see them selling through other retailers, unlike c&c

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