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[Quote] R the ones on the far left, with the red sole, Mark McNairys??

2 Weeks ago in Footwear

i'm addicted to CAMO

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ID THIS JACKET - IT GOES HARD AS FVCK Busy spinnin somewhere in LA [URL] If anyone knows where i could get it or something similar speak up!!

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Favorite brand Sweatpants?

[URL] roots salt n pepper

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Nice Peacoats

I got some black n longer length calvin klein coat for a bill at Winners. They get dope stuff on the regular u just have to wade thru all the garbage they got to find the good ish

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Longer t-shirts?

Footlocker tall tees. but in a small or medium

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

What are you listening to?

wont do dilla is such a dope track i love that ish. LOL black eyed peas are annoying they make my ears bleed

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

OFFICIAL Montreal Shopping Guide


2 Weeks ago in Canada

[VANCOUVER] Freshman

shitt guy

2 Weeks ago in Canada

[Toronto] Jay Z @ The A.C.C

too sick

2 Weeks ago in Canada

[VANCOUVER] Official DIPT thread

are hats already out? i just creamed my keyboard

2 Weeks ago in Canada


Top of the world is dope. i order most of my shit tho

2 Weeks ago in Canada

What kinda backpack do you rock ?

khaki nike sb og bag with the padded sleeve for the mac mac

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Where to order Snap backs

EBAY i got a red and yellow redskins snapback, and a white and black suede ottawa sens one their dope

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Getting a Girl.

Dont even bother, u clearly like dudes anyways

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Offical Coupon Code Thread

[Quote] did u find that 30% off code was?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion