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[Bloodbath] 2013 Official Discussion Thread

Happy New Year fellas, Thank you everyone for your support this past year. Lets keep it going.

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[WTB] APC PS (29) | SE05BSP (29 or 30) | etc

[WTB] APC PS (29) | SE05BSP (29 or 30) | etc [URL] Strictly indigo denim.  Paypal ready, confirmed and verified address.   Might be open to other denim in similar cuts.   Please provide measurements if used.   Not looking for anything with major fades. Thanks.

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I Need A New Car Vol. Suggestions?

I've made a thread about it previously but it wasn't as helpful since I wasn't that serious about things. But I am now and I know exactly what I'm looking for. Price Range: More or Less 15k Things I am particularly looking for: Fuel Efficiency (Around 30mpg avg), Looks & Aesthetics, Maintenance/Insurance It's a bonus if it only uses regular gas - premium gas prices are getting very expensive nowadays. This car would be used as a daily car. I'm not that interested in modding or racing or anything, so I don't need a performance car with a great engine. Honestly, I could care less if it goes fast as long as it's good looking and saving me gas. Some cars I have been looking into that I might be interested in: Mazda3 Hatchback with Skyactiv (Decent mpg and attractive looks) Prius C (A little over my price range but has the best MPG and looks decent) VW Jetta TDI (Diesel engine has nice fuel efficiency but I would suspect maintenance would be costly) Honda Civic Hybrid (Nice mpg and maintenance, however civics look very bland and generic) Any suggestions?

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[effulgence] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread

[b]effulgence[/b] i-FUL-juhn(t)s , noun: The state of being bright and radiant; splendor; brilliance. [URL]

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[WTB] S/S Button-Up Shirts || Adidas Busenitz Burgundy || Nike Free Hybrid Boot || Nike Roshe Run

Adidas Busenitz Burgundy Size 9-10 for Busenitz or Free Hyrbid Boot Size 9.5-10 for Roshe Run Size small for shirts. I can do trades, but I never ship first. I'm always paypal ready. PM me with what you have or post here.

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WTB: Adidas Busenitz Burgundy (9-10)

Holla at me. Paypal ready.

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What car should I get?

I'm currently driving a BMW 325i, 2002 I believe. I'm planning on selling it to buy a newish used, more fuel efficient car. What are my best options? Preferences in order of priority: Fuel Efficiency Nice, attractive car Not use premium gas if possible 4 Doors for cheaper insurance price range: about 10k (if possible) Mpg: about 35 mpg ***I honestly do not care how much horse power or how fast the car can go. I won't be racing or anything. Any good suggestions? Thanks.

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please close.

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Service Is Over

[URL] I have store credit that I'm trying to convert to cash to buy other things I currently want... I have flawless feedback. Just reply or PM me for details. Will order any item and mark off 40% final price, and have it shipped to your address. Screenshots and tracking number will be provided. Can order ANY item (excluding Kazbah and items marked "Promo codes excluded"). Let me know, thanks.

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Fit Contest Vol. King’s Speech


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Deal was made for a medium navy box logo. Sent him 170 + 4% via paypal. Seller claimed to have shipped item the following day. Received package today to find an old ragged red zip up hoodie...... [b]As you can see on the shipping label, seller checked ABANDON in case of non-delivery.[/b] This shows furthermore that he sent an old worthless hoodie in replacement. I understand this isn't his first time scamming after looking up his name. I should've trusted my instincts. I'm a trusted and reputable member and trader here like what my [URL] says. [Image]

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The Universal Guy Code


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Support Ya Boy DROSE Vol. Fit Contest

Just entered a Karmaloop Fit Contest... Other fits were mad silly so I decided to enter [URL] once every 24 hours)

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Key Accessories

How do you guys handle/carry your car keys? I was thinking since I only have one, to get a leather type carabiner type thing and just hang it on my belt loop and it sounds pretty convenient. I didn't want to put the key in my pocket (denim fade) and I didn't want a lanyard. How do you guys handle your keys, fashionably? I need suggestions, I just got my license+car and yee

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[URL] while you can, they are capping membership!

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