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Local meetup. Legit buyer. Good communication.

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OFFICIAL Team Canada Wins Gold!

We done made history.

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[FS] Jordan, AF1 UNDFTD, Air Max QS, Vans Vault, Syndicate, Supreme, Adidas (7.5 - 9)

Updated 12/15/09 [B][COLOR="Red"]*SHOE BLOWOUT!!!!*[/COLOR][/B] [B]PICK UP HEAT THAT YOU SLEPT ON!!![/B] ALL SHOES ARE [B]DEADSTOCK[/B] -Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada -Meet ups preferred Paypal Only, add 4% Will ship via Canada Post with Tracking # Prices do not include shipping. Shipping within Canada $30 Shipping to USA $40 Shipping International TBD I can get more pics if you request, just lmk. PM ME. ----------------------------------------------------------- [B]Nike Jordan 3 LS Cool Greys size 9[/B] -[COLOR="Red"]$190[/COLOR] [Image] [U][COLOR="Red"][b]SOLD ITEMS[/COLOR][/B][/U] [B]BRAND NEW Know1edge Black Patent Croc Skin Studded Belt[/B] - [B][COLOR="Red"]*SOLD TO STUSSY44[/COLOR][/b] [B]nike dunk lo cl denim size 9[/B] -$100 [B][COLOR="Red"]*SOLD TO EVIZERATE[/COLOR][/B] [B]nike air force 1 premium invisible woman size 9 [/B] [COLOR="Red"][b]*SOLD[/COLOR][/B]

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hey urbn, not too sure if your inbox is full because i've pm'd you a couple times but no reply. pm me if you see this thanks!

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APC New Standard Bootleg?

hey guys, i saw this on ebay and was wondering if there is such a thing? i've only seen the new standards referred to as straight leg, but the seller called these new standards and they are even tagged on the inside with a label that says bootleg. the legs of the jeans even look straight, and show no sign of flaring at the bottom. so are these actually legit? [Image]

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looks like people are biting !nv@s!on again and making money off of it blinkyeyes [URL]

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Sneak Peek of New Hundreds Tees

as seen on benhundreds myspace blog: [Image]

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OFFICIAL Vancouver Shopping Guide

Alright peoples, this is for all of you guy who may visit Vancouver and want to know what shops we have available for you. when i went to visit LA, many of you guys helped me out so i thought I'd return the favour blushing feel free to contribute stores that you think i have missed out. COMPLEX Clothes like Artful Dodger, SciFen, LRG 231 Abbott St. 604.602.1668 [URL]

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Your Thoughts on Nike Dunk Low CL Blue Denim

hey guys, i just picked up the dunk low blue denims at my local nike store. was just wondering what you guys think of them. i got them for $100.00 CDN so i thought the price was decent and in imo look good on your feet. i'm also curious if any of you know if the BLUE denims are asia exclusives as well. some sites on the net say that the blue denim are asia exclusives, but i live in canada and got mine at my local nike store. i know the green denim (pilgrim) and the black denim are for sure asia exclusives. looking forward to your responses guys!

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LA Area Shops to Visit

hey guys, i'm going to be visiting some relatives in the LA area next week and was wondering which streetwear stores there are that hopefully i could hit up. places that carried like t's and footwear, stuff like that. thanks guys, looking forward to your replies and help if you have any

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