[Official] - YUNG LEAN Discussion Thread

[Quote]I don't get him either but don't get salty in a thread about him lmao

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What are you listening to?

Double Cup by DJ Rashad.  RIP

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The Official Naked & Famous Denim Thread

What was the last time that they did something like the red-core raws?  When can we expect more, is a better question.

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Official Android Thread

[Quote]That Nexus 5 is fantastic.  I'm waiting on that Nexus 6 in November before I upgrade though.

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what web browser do you use?

Firefox fam ww@

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Damn final cut pro is expensive.

Does anyone actually buy these programs for hundreds of dollars?

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best android phone

A friend of mine has the Nexus 5 and it's one smooth phone.  My contract's up in November so I'm looking forward to copping a Nexus 6 when it drops a little before that.

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Good Portable Speaker?

It'll be really hard to find good portable speakers, especially for cheap.  I'm not gonna assume why you're looking for one, but your money might be better invested in some nice headphones or actual speakers.

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6' 3" fam we in this

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No more timed essay on SAT - Back to 1600 - Starting 2016

I'm a slow writer so the essay was terrible for me and made writing my worst scoring section.  Glad to see it go.

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Hype Beast Brehs, Dancin needs your Computer knowledge

If it's just one guy hitting you and not a botnet, try blocking the IP / IP's with a firewall.  Good luck.

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When will the flannel around waist trend die?

Don't let KTT see this haha.

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[Supreme] 2014 Discussion thread - TROLLING/FLAMING/SELLING=BAN

Can't wait for Le Bain to drop.

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