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Toyota 86/ Scion FR-S

^ He's actually right. GTi's low-mid torque carries the car to "200HP" quicker than the FR-S. Can't compare handling. BTW, you can "unlock" ~ 40 hp on the 2.0T with a chip, basically free power considering how much the car cost. Can't do that with a NA.

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Is it ok for a female to follow a dude that she had sex with on instagram???????

You're messing around dumb girls with no sense of social etiquette.  She must be one of those rachets in WSHH.

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The Official Leather Goods Thread

I went full retard and used laundry detergent on my corter leather belt. How do I remove the laundry stain from the belt?  It's darkened lie dark mahogany.

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Craigslist, who fucks wit it?

Used Craigslist on a daily basis for buy-resale business. Nobody ever fucked with me. I was conned few times, but that's when I didn't know better.

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Subaru impreza 2.5rs

[Quote]smell that?? Smells like douchey McDouche-Douche

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OFFICIAL Show us your whip!

[Quote]WTH man. Why'd you sell the gti? Did you drop forged internals before putting in BT?

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Post something your parents did that annoyed you.

[Quote]shut up

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Secret Content

Math people what does this mean?

Stay out of science and math. There's already enough people here.

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Opinions on a new car


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Nigga we never had a true democratic government. SMH to everyone who thought we had a democracy.

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The Walking Dead

Someone wanna PM me a link where I can stream season 3, please? -Thanks

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Cars that look good slammed/stanced/hellaflush.

^RT Anytime I see a slammed car now, I automatically think you're a fag. Equivalent to kids with Snapbacks.

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Imma give yall a tip in life

FUCK YOU [Image]

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Midterms coming up......

American History Computer application and im done

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