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[CX.CITY] 2014 Discussion Thread

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Creative Minds, Creative Spaces Project

I know there are a lot of forum regulars who are bloggers, designers, photographers, etc. and thought you guys might find this project I've been working on of interest. [Image] Creative Minds, Creative Spaces reveals the work spaces and offers insight into the mind of modern creatives. Capturing their environment, the project presents an inside look to their surroundings and creative process. [URL]

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[CX.CITY] 2013 Official Discussion Thread

First time posting here in the (not so) new year. We just released our Spring 2013 collection. We designed this collection within a minimalistic aesthetic on an all gray-scale color palette and centered the graphics around a set of four icons. Thanks for looking. [Image] [URL]

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[CX.CITY] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread

[Image] You can view the lookbook here: http://cxcitybrand.com/lookbooks/fall2012/fall_2012.html Shop here: [URL] Instagram:@CXCITY Thanks for looking.

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