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Lupe Fiasco - Love Letter To The Beat Feat. Alicia Keys

Apparently an old joint that was from 2007. Some think this is actually a song belonging to Alicia Keys since she gets more time on the song, but oh well. Dope either way. Props to 2dbz for this though. *let me add the video so you can preview the song real quick before downloading it. [URL]

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Name Change

TO "CuttyBuddy" Pleeeaase and thank you.

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HB's opinion of Crown J

So a little background on dude called Crown J. Dude wasn't born in America, but was raised here since he was a little kid. He was raised in Atlanta, before moving to LA, but on most of his songs he represents Atlanta. He is a rapper in Korea, but his music doesn't do too well over there since his music is too "Americanized" and doesn't have that poppy-electronic sound. So aside from his shit in Korea, he's been doing behind the scenes work with some local artists in Atlanta. So apparently he's getting ready to debut in America, and his first song is one of his Korean songs, just translated with english lyrics. He got Young Dro to jump on the track, which although it doesn't really impress, it does come to show that Crown really did get to know some of Atlanta's local artists. Here's the single and tell me what you think. He does the typical Atlanta-style music, but Crown's my boy so I had to show him love. Tell me what you guys think. [URL]

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Trey Songz - READY

So this joint leaked and... &) easily his best shit so far in his career. Easily. Just the intro song "Panty Droppa" is nice enough. Ones I'm feeling are "Neighbors Know My Name," "One Love," "Does He Do It," "Ready To Make Luv," "Jupiter Love".... fuck I'm stopping there I'ma end up listing the entire joint down. But this is all I got on repeat now. And "Anticipation" doesn't have nothing on this. If you need a link you know what to do HB.

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Where the hell is this dude...

For all my R&B heads out here, anyone know where the fuck J. Holiday is? I fell in love with Back Of My Lac, and I haven't heard about him at all in the past year, not even news of a new album from him. Anyone know anything recent about him?

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Help with Obey M65 real quick

Is this true to size? I'm a small so will I be okay with a small? I was going to get an Orisue one, but I think I may have changed my mind. [URL]

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Help with Orisue jacket

So I'm planning on getting a windbreaker from Orisue, but I don't know what size. I wear a size small, so should I get a small in the Orisue too? Here's the jacket: [URL]

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Help me with my iTunes...

Ok so all my songs in my library are in my iPod, except for my T.I. songs. I mean, his songs are in there, but T.I.'s name is the only one that doesn't appear when I go to "Artists" on my iPod. The only way I can get access to his music through my iPod is to either go to "Albums" or "Songs" and I just want his name to be able to appear. His songs are all checked off and everything in my library, and I keep updating, but there is nothing to update and nothing in my iPod changes.

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Software that can increase/decrease JPEG images

What software programs do you guys use that can increase/decrease the sizes of JPEG images? I had a really good one like a year ago, but it got deleted accidentally and now I can't remember what it was called. But the icon for it was like a red dog with sunglasses on? I don't even remember. Anyway any help is appreciated.

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For those who have worked part time jobs in HS

What are the best hours to work? I was going to work during this past summer, but I ended up racking up my community service learning hours instead because of the momz. Probably done with that shit now though since I got a solid 200 or so hours. But I really neeed to start making some money for myself, and I don't want to wait until summer, or would it be impossible to do that shit during the school year? And to get it out there, I'm only a sophomore, turning 16 in November. And the classes I'm taking kind of require some time at the desk (AP Government, Hon PreCalc, etc) and I got conditioning for wrestling in the winter on Mondays/Wednesdays. Please tell me this is possible without me suffering from major fatigue (though that sounds unlikely) blushing

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Mozilla Firefox?

Does this shit cause viruses? My mom downloaded that thing yesterday (lord knows why) and ever since yesterday, her computer's been slower, wayyyy more pop-ups, and some sites I can't even access due to lag. I'm talking about sites I can get on on my sister's computer, but not on my mom's. So there's nothing wrong with the websites. And it's a lot of them too...

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Small Fedex Tracking Help

Okay, so I'm expecting an order shipping in, so I've been tracking it via Fedex. The thing was shipped on the 22nd, only business days, so cross out Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (because it was Professional Day) and it's only been three business days. The tracking status updated the first business day, saying it's in California, being scanned, processed, and moved to another facility some shit like that. But it hasn't updated in the last two days. If it doesn't update, it doesn't mean the package isn't moving right? Just they can't update automatically? Because it says it's "In Transit" and all that. The expected delivery date says August 28th, which is tomorrow, but I haven't been seeing updated tracking details. Am I just worrying too much? Or is there a problem?

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Who else is feeling Lessons In Love?

Easily the best Lloyd album yet. I honestly think though that Girls Around The World was made a single automatically because of Weezy's presence. And because of that whole "You" craze last year. But this album is definitely the more sexual, ballad type of album, while Street Love was more of a club banging album. I decided to skip my summer tutoring job this morning and spend a Best Buy gift card my uncle got me the other day, and saw this album on the shelf, forgetting it was the 5th. I've had this thing on repeat since then. The tracks I really like are... well pretty much all of them except for GATW. But my favorites have to be "I Can Change Your Life" and "Have My Baby." Definitely straight shit.

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Computer Problem

Ok so my laptop, which has been working fine until this morning, a couple minutes ago, the icons and the menu bar at the bottom screen (where the Start button is) kept disappearing, then coming back on, then disappearing again. It would appear for about 5 seconds, then disappear for 5 seconds, then it would keep going in that pattern. I don't want to take it to Geek Squad or anything yet, since I'm afraid they might charge me, but decided to asked here first, since I know there are some computer brains here. And if you're wondering how I made this thread, I'm using my mom's desktop so... any help would be appreciated.

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These rumored "to be the last" albums by rappers

This is old news, but let's discuss this. Rappers like Lupe Fiasco and Game are soon going to be releasing their "last" studio albums. Now it's not to say that they won't be working on other projects, but it's just that they will be done releasing their own solo work. Personally, and I'm sure many others think this way, but it's a damn shame that rappers are announcing solo retirement just because of the kind of state hip-hop is currently in or whatever personal reasons they have. I haven't heard any material from Lupe's "LupEND," if any material was leaked, but hearing Game's "Big Dreams" and "Pain," feeling kind of down that Game says he's going to be done. I couldn't recall getting such a nice, cold vibe from his previous two albums, it really will be a pity if L.A.X. will be his last album.

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