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Alive - Kid Cudi (Music Video/Fan Made)

[Embed content] Check out the visual my friends and I at 1o4films (www.facebook.com/1o4films) put together. Let us know what you guys think. We appreciate all kinds of feedback.

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Akai MPC500 w. Beginner Set-Up

I'm selling a Like New, very good condition Akai MPC 500. Comes in its original box, with original Quick Start Manual and User's Manual. Original AC Power Cord, USB Cords, And an extra cable for a turn table set up... AV connections on one end, and 1/4 inch on the other end. I'm also including 2 Original Akai Flash Memory Cards (2GB and 128MB), plenty of room for extra kicks, synths, etc. Also included is a CD loaded with hundreds of samples. I am also including a hard copy of a Tutorial entitled "Beat Making On The MPC 500", which comes with Sounds that go along with the Learning process. (Spent $99 on this alone) I'm hoping to get a decent amount back for what I ended up spending, but regardless, this is the perfect Beginner set-up, and great for any professionals. [B][I]I've got the listing on craigslist. [URL] but if y'all would feel safer buying from me on E-Bay, i will more than gladly throw it up on there. Pictures in the link....[/I][/B]

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"Erase Me" Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West Fan Made Video

hey guys, just wanted to share my film group's ([URL]

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Don't mind the quality. [I][B]Listen to the lyricism, and just vibe. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. [/B][/I] [B]Maus is Cool[/B] [URL] Again all feedback is greatly appreciated. Positive or Negative, it's only used to better oneself.

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