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Streetwear Dissertation Research: Wanting discussion/opinions from you on branding and "culture"

I'm doing a dissertation/thesis on streetwear brands, the consumption and marketing of it etc.  I'm not by standards that involved or that knowledgeable about streetwear beyond talking to friends who are into it or just plain observation, so I'm pretty new to it all. I've been reading threads trying to grasp the different cultures, music and activities that streetwear consumers are into. I'd really like to discuss topics like what introduced you to these sort of brands e.g. Stussy, Obey, or even newer independent labels. What attracts you to specific ones? Do you find it's mostly through music, skating or just the people you've been around? What's the culture like surrounding it? How far do you go to find limited edition or vintage gear that no one else has?  For example, before I started my dissertation I noticed that more and more people were wearing these sort of brands at hardcore shows. People getting into collecting Nike Air Max, wearing Commes Des Garcons etc, which was never really present in that community before. Odd Future hype definitely boosted mass popularity I think, couple of years ago. Do you think that's changed how you shop and look for brands, knowing that everyone is getting into it? Obey for example? Would be good to get some feedback on this thread. Please don't be a dick about it, this stuff is pretty time-consuming and I just want to see your opinions, views on streetwear branding etc. Would be good to get detailed responses too, but otherwise just talk! Thanks.

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