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How to pass work drug test?

Need your help HB, have to take in 24 hours. I have the clean piss already I'm just wondering how to carry it with me and keep it warm enough?

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Rave with a Down Bitch?

Aright Long story short HB: got invited to a rave with this girl (She aright she got some cake) She bought my ticket and is gonna drive me back and forth and offered if I wanted to stay the night after the rave cause she had an open pad. she hella down to fuck. I need your guyses advice on what to expect at the rave and shit cause Ive never been to one and im not tryna be hella outta place.  PICS [Image]

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Transition from HS to real life?

Help me out fam with any advice or anything, paranoid as fuck about what Ima do. HS is easy to pull girls and just kickback and chill, your top 3 things u learned after leaving HS?

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arguements on the Internet? Worth the time?

So I been arguing with this pro feminist bitch on gawker link to thread:http://jezebel.com/5930502/new-egyptian-tv-channel-run-exclusively-by-veiled-women-actually-a-gimmick. and I'm wondering what's ire guys take on arguing with randoms? any funny/ aggravating arguments?

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