SCAMMER ALERT-member Legasee- Buyer beware

It’s too bad all this is starting to come to light now, be warned this “Legasee” guy is a scammer. I think a few of us have been scammed by this punk and unfortunately have waited long enough now to realize his so called “order” isn’t coming in. I was stupid enough to send him payment as I needed a pair of Wtaps Eras sz 8.5 for an xmas gift after he tells me had them on hand. After I made payment via paypal GIFT* the A**hole tells me he doesn’t have my size but it will come for sure next week. At this point I wanted my money back. Well it’s been over a week for me and he has stopped replying to my emails for the last 5 days. *Pretty low to be scamming off people during the holidays*. It’s a good wake up call, as only a few members do legitimate hook ups these days. Anyone with info on him or updates please post here or PM me, I will do what I can to get this guy. What goes around comes around. P.S> Never send paypal funds via Gift just pay the seller the 4% extra and under goods/services that way youre protected. Paypal is now investigating this seller and transaction.

2 Weeks ago in Buyer/Seller Feedback