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np2fast scammed me.

I bought a pair of visvans from this dude received them and they were two right shoes.Now the guy spoke with me for a while and tried to tell me he would see if some guy in seattle received two left ones.I haven't heard from this guy anymore since then.I opened up a dispute,he declined to give me my money back,and then turned it into a claim and paypal said this: You have chosen to escalate your dispute to a PayPal claim. By ending communication with the seller, you are asking PayPal to investigate the case and decide the outcome. As part of our investigation, PayPal reviewed any communication you may have had in the Resolution Center. Our investigation into your claim is complete. As stated in our User Agreement, the claims process only applies to the shipment of goods. It does not apply to complaints about the attributes or quality of goods received. Therefore, we are unable to reverse this transaction or issue a refund. Which is some bullshit because this guy gave me two right shoes,and hasn't responded or got back to me. Asked me to send him pics I did,and then nothing still happen. Anybody know what I could do to get my money back? I even offered to ship the guy his shoes back,because I didn't want them. There's nothing i can do with two right shoes

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I found my sister half naked on youtube

[URL] april fools bitches >smh

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Wtb:dior mij 19cm

Sz.28 or 29 ds please.money ready

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[Wtb] gucci shamans(with tassles)

If anybody has these 8.5 or 9 please let me know ASAP I already have the khaki ones but they dont have tassles

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[Wtb] Gucci shamans 9.5-10.5

Any colorway...price doesnt really matter

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